Digital Marketing

Hyper Realistic Digital Marketing Trends For 2017 To Engage Your Customers

Feature Image Source: Freepik What’ll happen if your two worlds merge? When Pokémon Go app launched, everyone went bonkers over augmented reality. It was outa’ this world to hunt down the characters on PokéStops and Pokémon gyms with your smartphones on your home town streets via satellite imaging. Over 7 million people downloaded the app […]

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holiday micromoments

20 Ways To Supercharge Your Micro Moments with Holiday Shopper

Image Source: Are you super excited for yet another biggest holiday of the year? Yes, I’m talking about Christmas – the snow, the delicious deserts, loads of presents and increased sales for e-commerce businesses. But wait a minute, you can’t boost your sales for digital buyers unless you supercharge your holiday micro moments. This […]

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Personal Branding Mishaps By The US Political Campaigners – Slogans Gone Wrong

Feature Image Source: Freepik In their attempt to be politically unique, some politicians often get weird with their choice of words. While they are politically incorrect on multiple occasions, what leaves a permanent dent on their personality is the choice of slogans. It’s not just the opposition that toys with the original slogan, sometimes the […]

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Presidential Debate 2016

Personal Branding Face Off! Hillary vs Trump 2016 Political Campaign Analysis

Who proved their mettle? I bet this year’s election wouldn’t have been entertaining if Donald Trump wasn’t a presidential candidate. And what makes elections 2016 ‘sweet and sour’ is Hillary Clinton on his back like a hump on the Hunchback of Notre-Dame. In this head-to-head combat that reminds me of the Game of Thrones, comedians […]

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Airbnb in Brandspotlight – Serving Decentralized Peer-To-Peer Market In Temporary Lodging

Feature Image Source:, Freepik/@macrovector Airbnb emerged as a lodging alternative for professional and leisure travelers that has outsmarted the traditional competitors in hotel and hospitality business. The ground reality is that Airbnb has already managed to capture a fair share of hotel industry. This startup served as the pioneer of peer to peer market […]

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