Airbnb in Brandspotlight – Serving Decentralized Peer-To-Peer Market In Temporary Lodging

Feature Image Source:, Freepik/@macrovector Airbnb emerged as a lodging alternative for professional and leisure travelers that has outsmarted the traditional competitors in hotel and hospitality business. The ground reality is that Airbnb has already managed to capture a fair share of hotel industry. This startup served as the pioneer of peer to peer market […]

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Brandspotlight on Facebook – From Social Networking to Business Monetization

Facebook makes it to the top 10 on the Forbes list of worlds’ most valuable brands yet again. It all started with students who were the keenest and probably the first to get attracted to the idea of social networking. Today, these networks offer endless possibilities to brands that aim to uplift their campaigns or […]

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LEGO in BrandSpotlight – An Insightful Journey into the ‘System of Play’

LEGO is selling 1200 bricks a second. There are 86 bricks for each person in this world. Interesting to note how huge LEGO has become. The journey of a giant enterprise such as LEGO has had numerous twists and turns that span almost a century. It has established an unforgettable image and entertained children and […]

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Amazon in #BrandSpotlight – From Bookseller to World’s Largest Retailer

The world knows how Amazon has redefined the business of online book selling. However, it is one of the few online businesses that has outgrown its own image. Currently Amazon is the world’s largest multinational ecommerce company that beats even eBay. Amazon was the brainchild of Jeff Bezos and went online as in 1995. […]

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IKEA in BrandSpotlight

IKEA in #BrandSpotlight – A Time Capsule of Brand Design Evolution

Image Source:   IKEA is one of the world’s largest home furnishing retailer famous for its Scandinavian style. The USP (aka unique selling point) of the brand that truly sets itself apart is the flat-pack and assembly-by-consumer style of furnishing. This model reduces costs and gives way to convenience for a shopper who wishes […]

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pepsi cover

Pepsi in BrandSpotlight – A Case Study on Marketing Mishaps

If someone on this planet is unknown of Pepsi, then I’ll surely be surprised. It is one of the most popular (not always for good reasons) brands in the non-alcoholic beverage industry, and a major rival of Coke. The two often exceed their limits trying to win the taste buds of their target market by […]

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