How A.I. Is Superseding HealthCare Customer Experience

The Medical Futurist, Bertalan Meskó acknowledges that artificial intelligence will greatly affect digital health in 2018. And studies predict that by 2022, A.I. in healthcare will become a seven to eight billion dollar industry. Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing everything from the product itself to customer experience in many different industries including healthcare. It is unquestionably […]

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digital customer

The Only Way To Increase Foot Traffic: Department Stores For Digital Customers

Terry Lundgren, Chief Executive of Macy’s, acknowledges that the shopping behavior of customers is changing and the store has to evolve strategies and quickly execute to survive the challenging retail environment. This goes for other department stores in America like Kohl’s and Sears, or those in other countries such as Australia. Due to economic, social […]

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Ecommerce Store

How Ecommerce Store Owners Can Minimize Abandoned Shopping Carts

When online shoppers visit any ecommerce website and put items in their online shopping cart but leave it before moving on to purchase those items is the basic case of shopping cart abandonment. Obviously it’s a nightmare for ecommerce store owners who are losing 67% of sales because of this. Besides, shopping cart abandonment is […]

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fashion retail

Fashion Retail In 2017: Sales Growth Strategies For Digital Shoppers

What is the future of fashion retail? With economic and political fluctuations plus a shift in consumerism and increased competition simultaneously affecting the two hemispheres of the world, it isn’t hard to imagine that fashion businesses will suffer from immense pain (and even a shutdown) if they don’t innovate their designs, branding and marketing. Let […]

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AI Chatbots

The Movers And Shakers Of Conversational Commerce – AI Chatbots On The Roll!

Is 2017 the year of ro“bots”? I remember the sheer thought of droids ruling our world gave some of us goosebumps but, now bots have swamped our lives. Imagine Rosie Jetson telling us what to wear, where to go and how to cook – a humanoid robot helping us with mundane chores, suggesting solutions to […]

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What Kind of Entrepreneur Are You

What Kind of Entrepreneur Are You?

Let’s admit it, everyone feels the need to be an entrepreneur at least once in their life time. While the reasons could be varied from a bad manager to a monotonous job, the objective remains the same. They want to enjoy the power. Little do they know that their own personality would affect the type […]

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