Brand Identity Guide: The Essential Tutorials for Logo Design

The logo of your company is the keystone which holds together the arch of your brand identity. It is the essence of how your target audience will perceive you, and of your image within the industry, and among your peers and business partners. So if you would create a strong brand identity to help establish your authority,

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Photoshop Tutorial: Master Lighting Effects

Like any artist a graphic designer worth his or her salt can alter the nuances of a design through the lighting effects. Thankfully there are numerous applications and software for them to do just that, but Photoshop is the most popular choice. Photoshop offers sophisticated tools that allow a picture to come to life just […]

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free illustrator tutorials

20 Free and Useful Adobe Illustrator Tutorials

Here are 20 Adobe Illustrator tutorials that will help newbie graphic designers learn new techniques and tips that will come in handy the next time they design.

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