botanical packaging

15 Knockout Botanical Designs For Organic Farm Products

Feature Image Source: Organic products are all the rage these days. Whether it is organic cosmetics, organic farm fresh produce or natural farm products, people are increasingly moving towards buying non-chemical, GMO-free, organic things. This is great news for designers –because you can boost the appeal of these products by engaging in unique, creative […]

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Design Wine Labels

15 Brilliant Ways To Add Vintage Design Aesthetic In Modern Wine Labels

There’s something divinely mysterious about vintage wine and beer bottle labels that we’re to date mesmerized by the beauty of how unique design elements (from the past) make a strikingly harmonizing composition on a relatively small canvas. Whether you’re a wine and beer producer or a designer, you’ll agree (to some extent) that the taste […]

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character illustration

10 Frightening Character Illustrations From Behance That’ll Keep You Up All Night This Halloween

Feature Image Source: Freepik Not sure about you, but I’ll be up all night! Guess my Halloween spirit went too far this time. Oh well, I’m sure those who’ve liked watching Annabelle or The Conjuring will probably fancy these petrifying character illustrations. These illustrators surely have the talent to make things repulsive or outright bloodcurdling. […]

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Laborious Tools

The Lost World: Laborious Tools And Techniques Of Graphic Design

Feature Image Source: Freepik Have you ever used a composing stick for typography? I bet only those who know the history of graphic design are aware of the back-breaking instruments and processes designers used once to create books, magazines, newspapers, posters and other design items by hand. It was hard labor accompanied by cuts from […]

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Top 10 Eid Typography Inspiration on Behance for Creative Minds

Feature Image Source: Collage of designers’ works Eid hustle bustle isn’t over yet! Customers will shop till the dawn breaks the first day of this annual Muslim celebration, which marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan. During this time, brands increase their marketing and advertising efforts to promote their products and services for […]

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10 Horrifying Fonts That Give Graphic Designers Goosebumps!

Feature Image Source: Freepik It was an eerie night when I woke up to finish a design I was making for a client. I got off from the bed in pure darkness hoping not see the dolls in my room come alive. That night the dogs were howling, which was creepy enough for me. I […]

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