Typography Trend Infographic

Typography Trend Predictions You Ought To Know

Of course we’ve not forgotten typography. How could we? We are still in the first month of a new year, and there’s a lot to catch on to complete the 365 day cycle. Till now, you’ve been introduced to all trends related to app, web, logo, and color. Hold on to your bubbles of creativity, […]

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design apps

Adobe Post or Canva – Which One’s Your Favorite?

There’s a new fish in town! Have you noticed? Non-designers and professionals alike were already awe-struck by the quick tools and freedom offered by Canva to make customized designs. At least I was. However now there is Adobe Post, a minimalist and easy-to-use application by Adobe Systems. While there are gazillion programs for sketching, photo […]

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Bookmark for 2016

6 Graphic Design Trends to Bookmark for 2016

A New Year accounts for new ways right? Whether its branding or marketing, designers need to keep themselves updated about trends. The cut-throat competition out there doesn’t give you space to chill; you need to face the world of design like a smart fox! Considering you will need a hefty design guide to survive yet […]

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Bringing 4xx User Experience Errors to Life

Isn’t it quite irritating to search for something and land up on a link with an error? While many thought that 404 error was the only one in existence, actually there are more, in fact an entire series.

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popular graphics

Popular Graphics from UK that Maintain Visual and Verbal Harmony

The United Kingdom has long been a haven for designers and art lovers from all around the world. With such a rich history in art and media, the UK’s highly developed media industry is one of the most revered when it comes to quality graphics.

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TED in Zombie mode

Reimagining TED Talks in Funky Fonts

TED Talks have unleashed some empowering ideas that will not only change, but also assist in shaping the future.

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