battle of brands

#GuruChats Highlights – The Battle Of Brands

First of all, Merry Christmas to everyone and oh yes fingers crossed for the New Year! We’ve come to the end of the fourth quarter of #GuruChats and you know what it was absolutely amazing, especially because all of our wonderful guests and experts glistened the chat with their presence, perspectives and tips. We thought […]

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Customer Experience

#GuruChats Highlights: Back To The Future With Customer Experience

Tell you what, it is the smile on someone’s face serving the cookie that makes the treat sweeter. Today we’re heading towards a future that holds something immersive and exciting, full of magic and surprise. In just three years, customer experience (CX) will become a key brand differentiator topping both product and price. In this […]

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#GuruChats Highlights – My SEM, My SEO, My Business

Guess a technical chat on search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO) cannot beat a scrumptious turkey! Happy Thanksgiving everyone; and it was amazing to have all the GuruChatters who made it to the chat. Our expert of the day, Elena Terentyeva elucidated interesting insights, views and tips on whether or not: business […]

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#GuruChats Highlights: Are You Talking To Me? Communicating With Millennials

This Wednesday #GuruChats was packed with lip-smacking goodies! Our expert guest Ai Zhang was exceptionally engaging and active with the GuruChatters, who also shared amazing insights and views during the conversation on how to communicate with millennials. It was a total rush hour, and we definitely enjoyed the good stream of traffic. Some knew their […]

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native video marketing

#GuruChats Highlights – Going Native With Video Marketing

We had our fingers crossed yesterday as it was our first collaboration with an influencer for our chat and you know what? It went awesome possum. Oh, yeah! Creative entrepreneur and YouTuber Roberto Blake rocked #GuruChats with his educational video answers making the topic of the chat all the more relevant. And how can we […]

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eco-friendly branding

#GuruChats Highlights – Is Eco-Friendly Branding For You?

Yesterday’s #GuruChats was “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” i.e. wonderful! Our loyal buddies James Bowen and Jade Alberts yet again brought amazing insights and tips to the table, Adobe Spark hit the right notes with beautiful and bright yellow visuals, Sue Jenkins and Mark Longbottom made us all wonder about things, and Brain Blender popped in to add more […]

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