Triangle Logos

35 Triangle Logos Explore The Science Of Shapes In Branding

What’s the vessel that holds it all together? A shape. Thing is, shapes give your logo design a foundation, a basic structure on which to architect your design further. While you’ll see that the majority of logo designs either go for square or round shapes, some brands are brave enough to take on the tricky […]

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Pink Logo Inspirations

30+ Pink Logo Inspirations – How To Ink Your Branding Pink

Often considered one of the most feminine colors in the spectrum, Pink is becoming more and more versatile in the hands of Millennials and Gen-Z designers. In fact, with the arrival of Millennial Pink on the scene, the gender boundaries of colors have started disappearing. Men are feeling encouraged to wear pink, technology startups are […]

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dental logo

Dental Logo Ideas: Bridge The Gap Between Your Business And Branding

Looking for a dental logo design today? You’ve come to the right place. Here we are all about creating visual identities that transform businesses into solid brands. And the first step to do that is to nail a business logo idea that conveys all the important information about your brand to your potential clients via […]

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Fish Logo Trends

Be in the Swim! Fish Logo Trends to Inspire You

Looking for the perfect logo design idea? What could be more inspiring than the ocean? Sea creatures are a common source of creative inspiration. And logos are no exception. From logos for restaurants like the Bonefish Grill, to logos for fishing companies like Berkley, to practically every sea food restaurant we’ve ever seen, fish are […]

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bird logos

Twenty Design Styles Of Bird Logos For Startup Inspiration

Is your startup ready to fly free? Not if you don’t have a logo! Your logo is an important and integral part of your overall brand. It’s often the first introduction that a potential customer has to your company. And a lot of the time, a memorable, appealing logo can make the difference between a […]

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Jewelry Logo

5 Elements Of Luxury Design For Your Jewelry Logo

Designing for sophistication and luxury is a specialized job. When you are branding upscale and high-end businesses such as Jewelry brands, you need to pay special attention to design elements which can help you create a royal, luxurious and sophisticated look. This is essential for your brand image because you want to exude opulence, lavishness, […]

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