Use Star Ratings to Help Your Design Project

The star rating system on LogoDesignGuru helps the clients to express their satisfaction and also motivates the designers. It helps show them the right direction and the level of their client’s satisfaction.

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Web Design Submission Guidelines

When submitting web design drafts to LogoDesignGuru and MycroBurst, web designers must make sure that their design drafts are up to our standards. Read on to find out more…

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7 Things that Will Earn You a Red Card on LogoDesignGuru

When submitting logo designs on LogoDesignGuru there are few things all logo designers must avoid unless they want to earn a red card and be labeled as a cheat. Follow the rules and get an edge over other designers who don’t pay attention to rules.

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LogoTalk Gets a Makeover – Out with the Old, In with the New!

LogoTalk is back with a brand new look! Join us as we explore and learn about the latest, innovative and historic in the graphic design industry. Whether you are an amateur logo designer, a professional graphic designer or a business owner – we have something for everyone.

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