Color Inspirations

10 Superb Sources Of Color Inspirations To Design Your Logo

Feature Image Source: How do you select the perfect color palette for your company? When it comes to your logo, you want it to stand out after all as graphic designer David Airey suggests it is the face of your company. You want all the elements to synchronize but you want the colors to […]

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PayPal sues Pandora

PayPal Sues Pandora: Rip Off Logo Design Stories

Feature Image Source: Freepik Imagine if someone took your face and roamed around freely. Wouldn’t you do something about it? Bet you’ve heard the news, Paypal sues Pandora for ripping off their logo design. Last October, the music streaming company redesigned their logo and since then it has cost the former much trouble. Not only […]

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Logo Design

10 Awesome Illustrator Hacks To Add Depth To Your Logo Design

What are famous logos turning into? The typical, flat and minimal. Some are fine-tuned with customized simplicity; and others have lost their charm. These logos have been stripped into a two-dimensional logotype or brand mark with no element of intrigue what so ever. I’ve personally been a fan of logos that have depth and thus, […]

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Orange Logos

Color Psychology Of Orange Logos: Guide For Branding Noobs

Remember the era when we laughed our heads off watching Charlie Chaplin? Well, there were some people who questioned what this monochromatic world would look like in color. We imagined the shade of literally every graphic element that at the time appeared black, white and gray. Similarly, when it comes to logos, there are those […]

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Custom and diy logo

10 Times Custom Logo Design Trumps Logo Maker For Small Business Owners

The comparison is stark between logo maker and custom logo design and the two have a history of feuds. Entrepreneurs from each camp will go to extremes to justify their side. However, from a much neutral perspective custom logo design is certainly working out in favor of small business owners of the digital age. We […]

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Political Logo Techniques

[Video Guide] Kickass Political Logo Techniques: Designing Better For A Leader

Feature Image Source: Freepik First of all congrats America you have a new president! Looks like Donald Trump’s personal branding strategies won. This news is Christmas for some and for many Halloween isn’t over. Nevertheless, the point is This year’s election proves anyone can become the President of America. Keep your name in the list […]

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