female graphic designers

Are Female Graphic Designers Underdogs?

Feature Image Source: Freepik/RosaPuchalt I’m a woman and I know it better! If your’e thinking this, you’re not wrong. It’s not a filtered feminist perspective but a bitter truth women have been swallowing since design came into existence. Females always have to struggle to reach a milestone in the design industry. And even when they […]

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20 quotes women in business

20 Quotes From The Mighty Female Business Warriors

Feature Image Source: Snyder New York Women from around the world have taken great strides against all odds in the business world. There is still a long way to go but 24 % of all senior business roles is nothing short of amazing. Note that in 2015, this figure was a mere 2 percent. However […]

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Movie Poster Designs

Minimal Movie Poster Designs Are Ho-Hum. Keep It Real!

Feature Image Source: Freepik Nowadays, minimalism is the “thing” but I find minimal movie posters are boring and soulless. I like to keep things real, impactful and relatable. Do you think otherwise? I am the kind of person who is more impressed with a design reflecting or rather flaunting a designer’s skill, time and creativity […]

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Where to Go to Raise Money for Your Startup in the U.S.

The one question that business owners can never get enough of is – how to raise money for their business. Whether you are in the U.S. or elsewhere, before you even start your business you want to know how and where to get funding from. After all, without funding, there would be no business. Funding […]

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10 Ways To Help Millennials Plan Their Trip

Millennials are shaped by technology, raised in crisis, enjoy unique ways of self-expression and are unwilling to compromise personal life to the extent that their previous generations did for their jobs. They are tech-savvy, good at multi-tasking, optimistic and advocate diversity. One of their most profound interests revolve around traveling and exploring new cultures and […]

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Real Estate Business Promotion Ideas For Brand Harmony

In no way, your brand is what you think you are, it is what customer thinks you are. Moving along those lines, brand impression is something formed by the customer and owned by the customer. It doesn’t really matter how strong the promotions are, or, or for that matter how fabulous the product or service […]

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