Marketing Tools for Online Visuals

Paid vs. Free Social Media Marketing Tools for Online Visuals

Social media used to be a tool for virtual socializing. Find new friends, connect with the old ones, and share what’s up. Over the years, however, it has become much more than that. Not only do we use social media to check daily news and latest information, but we also use our favorite social media […]

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social entrepreneurs

15 Young Social Entrepreneurs Changing The World With Innovative Ideas

The basis of celebration today in the world of entrepreneurs is in the striking fact that our present generations understand entrepreneurs’ success is not solely measured by financial and business ventures; people who choose to take a stand for social issues, make an aim to effect changes and solve problems relating to culture, environment and […]

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visual storytelling animations

Inspiring Visual Storytelling Animations For User-Interface Design

In the modern digital age, just about every venture or brand has some sort of online presence. This is a convenient fact for customers, but it also means that any kind of business needs to have a unique aspect or something that makes them stand out. To this end, graphic designers and software experts have […]

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Successful Startups by Women

Success Stories Of World’s Winning Startups Led By Women

Like it or not, there’s no denying the fact that a working woman simply has it harder than her male counterparts. The salary gap is still very much in place, along with several kinds of glass ceilings that women must break before they achieve success. While there’s much more work to be done in the […]

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Branded Chatbots

Branded Chatbots Changing The Way We Deal With Customers

You’d have to agree, customer service has taken a *yuge leap this decade. From human backend interaction to artificial intelligence assistants – chatbots have officially taken over the world and people are ironically enjoying it. Over 80% of the 800 decision makers surveyed by Oracle said they are already using or they want to use […]

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Disability Design

7 Inspiring Disability Activists Paving Our Way To Inclusive Design

We’re living in an outspoken world where nothing remains untapped anymore. Disability isn’t a new phenomenon, yet we somehow (for long) failed to recognize it and create for it – until these inspiring female activists spread the idea about inclusive design. 1. Elise Roy In the journey from being a lawyer to an inclusive designer, […]

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