iOS/Android Apps

10 iOS/Android Apps To Ease The Burden Of Tax Time

The US. Tax code is so confusing that 82% of taxpayers pay for help. Only around 22% of taxpayers use some form of tax-prep software. Nonetheless doing your own taxes is still the most tedious work. Besides keeping track of your income, you also need to keep track of expenses and receipts gathered throughout the […]

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Successful Graphic Design

Successful Graphic Design Agencies Owned By Women ‘Not’ Men

Women aren’t worth a penny! Is this what you’ve been hearing all your life? Well, that’s not true if the haters wish to know. These mentally strong and emotionally anchored individuals are exceptional at whatever they do. The notion that the graphic design industry is male dominated is in fact a bitter truth, although women […]

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13 College Websites That Hold A Record For Interactive User Experience

Gone are the days when prospectuses used to be the first access of the would-be students into any university or college. Today all thanks to the internet, people can get a virtual tour and the students can view all the updated information. Without visiting the college facility, the budding learners can easily get a glimpse […]

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Travel accounts on Instagram

15 Travel Accounts On Instagram From The Hall Of Fame

Everyone’s looking forward to gaining popularity on social profiles especially Instagram these days. As brands and marketers, this has become our job. Staying on the top does not necessarily means getting maximum number of followers. It involves creating a circle or network around relevant people from the industry and keep expanding from there. Some travel […]

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Construction technology Startups

15 Construction Technology Startups You Wish You Knew Before!

Real estate and construction appears to be that one industry that is not just a late adopter of opportunities offered by the online world but also appears hesitant towards it. However, that perception is changing fast and several startups are joining the league to cover up for the lag. Construction startups are providing relevant technology […]

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Landscape Companies Focus On Vehicle Graphic

14 States Where Landscape Companies Focus On Vehicle Graphic and You Should Too

Landscape companies usually never excel at TVCs. That’s just how it is. So when you are unable to capture ample attention through digital advertising methods, then go for the old school; this means brand integration over your vehicles. Among all the customer touch points, your branded vehicle will establish credibility for you. However, a vehicle […]

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