15 Travel Accounts On Instagram From The Hall Of Fame

Feature Image Source: Freepik Everyone’s looking forward to gaining popularity on social profiles especially Instagram these days. As brands and marketers, this has become our job. Staying on the top does not necessarily means getting maximum number of followers. It involves creating a circle or network around relevant people from the industry and keep expanding […]

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15 Construction Technology Startups You Wish You Knew Before!

Feature Image Source: Freepik Real estate and construction appears to be that one industry that is not just a late adopter of opportunities offered by the online world but also appears hesitant towards it. However, that perception is changing fast and several startups are joining the league to cover up for the lag. Construction startups […]

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14 States Where Landscape Companies Focus On Vehicle Graphic and You Should Too

Landscape companies usually never excel at TVCs. That’s just how it is. So when you are unable to capture ample attention through digital advertising methods, then go for the old school; this means brand integration over your vehicles. Among all the customer touch points, your branded vehicle will establish credibility for you. However, a vehicle […]

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Color Palettes from the Book Cover Designs of Romantic Novels

Romantic novels are widely perceived as fantasy. Only a true reader will know that they create an excellent connection between magic and realism. Every time they paint pictures in words and we (the readers) are able to draw an emotional connection with the characters. Isn’t that amazing? But there is an interesting finding that colors […]

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10 lean star tups

10 Lean Startup Strategies & Tools To Kickstart The New Year

“Big ideas come in small packets” An expression put to test by Eric Reice when he coined the term “lean start-up”. With the introduction of this idea, business development strategies are coming forth that invariably reduce or eliminate the doubts of failure in the minds of emerging entrepreneurs. Gone are the days when start-ups required […]

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Healthcare Mobile Apps

Mobile App Frenzy Storms the Healthcare Sector

From photo editor to location finder, there is a mobile app for everything. Why should healthcare be any different? Talented startups are cooking up new apps to overcome major difficulties faced by doctors and patients alike, and they took the #CES 2016 conference by storm. These entrepreneurs and startups are transforming the healthcare sector as […]

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