new Netflix logo

What I think When I See The New Netflix Logo

The cool thing about letter marks and symbols is that they can mean anything to anyone. For some, the Pepsi symbol is a smiley face, while others see a guy with a huge belly. There are endless possibilities to connote a visual; it only depends on your eye. Do you remember the time we went […]

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Instagram Revealed A Redesigned Logo Icon & Its Very First Goof-Up!

With the latest logo icon redesign Instagram joins the league of silly goof-ups! It’s only been 5 years since this photo-sharing app was founded in 2010. While other similar apps just phased out, Instagram became the most popular social media platform. After getting acquired by Facebook in 2012, it has been in news multiple times. […]

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Need A Graphic Designer To Make Ads Or Facebook Canvas?

With the introduction of “Do It Yourself” design tools such as Adobe Post and Canva, graphic designers already felt raged thinking over how can these petty amateur programs replace them. But their feelings don’t matter it seems, because new tools are still entering the market. The point isn’t to replace designers, the bottom line is […]

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The Missing Element in Uber’s Logo Redesign

Feature Image Source: What’s round and hexagonal in teal and maroon? Definitely not Uber app’s logo, or is it? When Uber launched its new logo – circular for riders and hexagon app icons for partners – I bet it didn’t expect such negative responses. Apart from causing confusion for loyal users, it has downright […]

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Adobe Post or Canva – Which One’s Your Favorite?

There’s a new fish in town! Have you noticed? Non-designers and professionals alike were already awe-struck by the quick tools and freedom offered by Canva to make customized designs. At least I was. However now there is Adobe Post, a minimalist and easy-to-use application by Adobe Systems. While there are gazillion programs for sketching, photo […]

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Apple news app

Can Apple News App Survive A Data Driven World?

Known as the most sophisticated tech and design company with one-of-a-kind products, it’s hard to imagine that Apple could get away with an inept news app that gives no power to the publishers to track their audiences. While the world is spurring with ideas about being able to read big data, Apple haven’t got a […]

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