5 Rules: The Science of Choosing a Font

When designers make font choices it is usually a very arbitrary decision with only one aspect taken into consideration. The question asked is: will the design be used online or for print purposes? Since the majority of designers make use of two main font types (serif and sans serif with the difference between the fonts […]

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The Lost Art of the Film Title

If you are willing to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a movie release, common sense entails that you would actually add a couple of thousand more, to stand apart from all the other film titles being released at the same time. Simply put, we ask allegedly imaginative marketers in the entertainment industry to […]

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Comic Sans Must Die. Long Live Times New Roman.

Did you know that Comic Sans is the doppelgänger for Times New Roman? We can even call Comic Sans, Times New Romans evil twin. To understand why the two are so notorious we have to look back at the creation of Comic Sans. Vincent Connre created Comic Sans for Microsoft as he disliked the use […]

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Typography Close-up: The Trend of Handwritten Typography in 2014

One of the graphic design trends that is sweeping across logo designs in 2014 is that of handwritten style typography. This article will briefly describe this trend and explain some of its technicalities and uses to people looking for inspiration in the industry. Handwritten logos are fun. The smooth, natural lines come in a thousand […]

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Tricks to Choosing the Right Font

The Tricks to Choosing the Right Font

One question leaves even the most experienced designers puzzled, what font type is the right one? There are hundreds of font types today. New ones are evolving all the time and some traditional ones are still around, being referred to as the ‘go to’ fonts. But the question remains, what font type is the best […]

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Typography trends, fonts for 2012

What Matters the Most in Typography?

It goes without saying that typography can make or break a design. When it’s used correctly, it can make a simple design stand out from the crowd.

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