Successful Web Designers

Ten Everyday Habits Of Successful Web Designers To Motivate Your Creative Soul

Becoming a successful web designer is a fine balancing act between indulging creativity, and scheduling solid marketing. The “scheduling” part can be tricky, which is why it’s important to build up a routine that supports successful growth. In line with that, we’ve gathered some of the daily habits that are followed by successful designers. Some […]

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Forbidden Web Design techniques

10 Forbidden Web Design Techniques For UI Designers

Is it true that a website design can actually suck big time? Yes! If you’re practicing these ten forbidden web design techniques then you’re sure to fail. A bad user-interface design can become the top reason for customers bouncing off the website, let alone surf it. As a UI designer, you don’t want to create […]

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Web Design

Typography Trends Prediction 2018: A Leap Forward In Web Design Aesthetics

Feature Image Source: Freepik The obvious thing about trends is that they keep changing; but what’s strange is that some of the design fads we assume are dead surprisingly come back to life with a modern twist. Let’s take the old fella’ Serif for example, he surely knows how to stay young. Anyway, I am […]

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typography rules

10 Typography Rules to Conquer In Web Design

Feature Image Source: Freepik How can you play a game without the rules? In Creative Anarchy, Denise Bosler elucidates rules are pillars of great design, but a designer must know when to follow them and when to break them. So don’t suck the fun out of designing dear creative rebellions by being clueless. Just the […]

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10 Must-Have Website Optimization Tools For Ecommerce Stores To Win Customers Over

Feature Image Source: Freepik It takes tons of marketing efforts to trigger the interest of prospective customers and bring them over to your website. Once there, and you see high bounce rates, it becomes very frustrating. You’ll be happy to know you’re not the only one; around 73% of companies have no idea why customers […]

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ecommerce holiday

No-Nonsense Techniques To Prep Your E-Commerce Website For The Holiday Season

Feature Image Source: Freepik Ho ho ho, what a year this has been! Conversational commerce, social selling, and virtual reality pave the way for e-commerce businesses to enter a realm of a highly social and digital world where as Ryan Holmes of Hootsuite suggests dwell the Generation C mindset. For such an audience, you need […]

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