Celebrating The Red, White and Blue

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I was in Washington DC, the weekend before July 4th and even then, preparations for the celebrations had begun, with tents sprawled outside the Smithsonian and Congress buildings, and people gushing about the day to come. Amidst the joy and exaltation was the repressed but ever present memory of 9/11. We took a Duck Tour and the tour guide pointed out the Pentagon with pride and then out of nowhere came the rage of what had happened on that fateful day. It sparked my own memory and the contrast of the emotions within the expectation of this one holiday made me wonder, and just for a moment I stopped.

I stopped and thought about the holiday that means so much to Americans around the world. How this one holiday combines the pride of the free, the fun of freedom and the honor of remembering the brave. Only in America can we have parades and floats, picnics and memorials together as we create a day full of festivity. We enjoy every moment of the day when America became a nation. No other nation can be so wonderful in its contrasts. No other nation can complain about laws and yet, wave the flag with such pride. No other nation can call a President for impeachment and yet, give the man and his position the respect that he deserves. It is a nation of challenges, a nation of wonder, and no other holiday so fully represents this one nation as does the Fourth of July.

So to celebrate this day LogoDesignGuru, a design solution company, brings to you a pictorial celebration of the Fourth of July. A series of pictures that encompass the contrasts that make this holiday so precious.


With song and dance we begin the day:


With food and drink we cheer our freedom:


The stars and the stripes we wear with pride:


The red, white and blue is seen in every home:


We take pride in our past:


As we celebrate today with Parades and Floats:



Our trade and commerce keep the economy alive:


And yet, with every drink and with every moment, we remember with pride…:


Every man, every woman, serving today to keep the nation safe. We honor the fallen and hope for the safe return of those still serving:



The sacrifice made is never forgotten:


From ashes of yesterday:


…we stand up to create the dreams of tomorrow. So in our fall we emerge victorious…


And to culminate such a day we end with fireworks to represent the past, and future-as we face today:


The Fourth of July is a day to remember:


So take this day as a celebration and honor every single person in the nation standing as one!

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