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Color Inspirations: Orange Web Designs

Orange is a playful color that can grab instant attention. It is a strong color that stands out, which can make it all the challenging to use in a web design.

The Meaning of Orange

Orange is a warm, vibrant color that exudes energy. Businesses whose target audiences are the younger generations generally like to incorporate orange into their brand. However, it is not just limited to youth. Companies that want to portray power and energy can incorporate orange in their brand and use it to compliment other colors. Examples of businesses that use orange in their branding strategy are sports, kids’ apparel and food. It’s also a seasonal color, typically used during the fall and Halloween. In fact, you can learn the art of choosing colors for your website to combine with orange.

Using other bright colors like yellow and green along with orange create a vibrant color scheme, great for websites. Colors like grey or black tone down a vibrant theme for a more professional look. Orange can be used in lighter or darker tones if you feel the bright shades are too much. In all this, you should know how to create visual harmony with colors.

Today, I thought of showcasing some great examples of orange web designs – especially now that we’re in the season of fall this color scheme is seen more and more!


Did we miss any orange website that you love?  Let us know!

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