Exclusive Sneak Peek into the Colors of Healthcare Branding

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Branding in the healthcare sector has been limited to a few areas only. Most of the time, private consultants and practitioners are lost in a pool of monotony. If you have used your name to brand your business services without creating any difference, then you have a branding problem. If you ask the would-be-patients for healthcare providers they will say that healthcare professionals are all the same. This kind of perception is not entirely their fault.

You have failed to communicate your brand message or perhaps it was simply the lack of visual differentiation. Although a lot of factors contribute to visual differentiation, colors appear to be the most prominent one. Primarily because in marketing, first impressions really matter. It takes 90 seconds for a customer to form an opinion about your service and most of the time it is based on colors association with the product, your attitude towards them, and how you make them feel. In case of healthcare branding, understanding color psychology is if not the most important aspect, then it’s one of the importance ones.

For instance red color is associated with cardiac centers and hematology units and signals emergency whereas pink is associated with breast cancer awareness. Blue is the most commonly used color in healthcare logos and it represents loyalty and trustworthiness. However, the pharmaceutical sector is more open to use of different colors for branding.

Over the years, the healthcare landscape has experienced a massive change globally. If you define the industry as taking care, maintenance or improvement of health via diagnosis, treatment and prevention of a disease or illness in a human being, then you can break it down into four main sections:

  • Pharmaceutical industry – The development of medicines, procedures and technology that enable care
  • Hospitals and clinics – The administration of healthcare itself, on the part of physicians
  • Medical insurance – a fee that patients and organizations use to pay for care
  • Other peripheral products and services like gyms and wearables

To ensure there is clarity in your branding, without giving out the wrong message, we offer our exclusive sneak peek into the colors of healthcare branding.

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