Corporate CEO vs Design Entrepreneur

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“Innovative Entrepreneurship springs out of change and brings new value to economic system.”

You know you are a hardcore designer when …

You intentionally overbid for a project because you can sniff out a bad client from a mile away.

The ability to do so is your experience in action, but there are other traits and qualities as well which make you a master of the game we call entrepreneurship.

Millennials and technophiles in general like to run a free enterprise but has it ever occurred to you how they are different from their corporate counterparts? We have assembled a list of activities which truly differentiate an entrepreneur in the design industry from a corporate CEO.

Before exploring the infographic, take a brief look at how the two manage their projects and deal with their clients. Then, share your comments to let us know where you see yourself, and don’t forget to mention any peculiar trait we have left out.

1. Trends

A corporate CEO can at best catch up with existing trends, whereas a graphic design entrepreneur usually redefines the trends.

2. Deadlines

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While a corporate CEO is staunch about meeting deadlines, a design entrepreneur will exceed expectations and take the client by surprise. This shows the millennial mindset feels strongly against overcommitting.

3. Prompt Response

You would expect a good manager or CEO to respond promptly and politely to phone calls from clients, but the design entrepreneur anticipates concerns and questions their clients might have on their minds.

4. Active Consultant

A manager would get a project completed without questioning or quarreling with the client. The entrepreneur with a design background knows how to avoid confrontations however, and when the need arises, they can also step forward and act as a consultant.

The bottom line is managers are generally expected to have a laid back attitude as opposed to the Generation Y, which knows how to stay one step ahead. Discover some major differences between a design entrepreneur and manger, and let us know if you agree with them.


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