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#GuruChats – Courting Creativity In Logo Design

Do you wish to push your creative boundaries? While designers and creative in general are pros at using creative thinking, they often face limitations in the real world. Sometimes, they face a very potent creative block or perhaps underestimate the time needed to complete a project. Before a design team starts trying to build a visual image (logo), words need to come first. Generating a mind map of words and phrases helps pick out the strongest themes to sketch ideas around. This is just the beginning of courting creativity.

In this chat you will explore what it means to design with constraints without losing the creative spark. We were joined by guests and participants with differing stance.

James Bowen

Jade Alberts

Juan Cervantes

Kathryn Cole

What Is Creativity?

A surge of random ideas or a well-defined approach to problem solving that betrays all conventions – how will you define creativity?


How Can Mind Maps Fuel Creativity?

Mind mapping is an intuitive technique that enables you pour all your random thoughts on a paper and then connect the dots to form a meaningful idea. It certainly gives way to creativity and works almost every single time. Let’s see the stance of our guests on the matter.


What Other Brainstorming Tactics Have Worked For You?

Besides mind mapping, there are other ways to push our minds further towards creative thinking. Contrary to perception, creative ideas can be triggered in discussion with like-minded people and by other brain storming techniques. However, there is no one-point formula for this. One man’s idea might prove to be other man’s trash. Here’s what our participants contributed on the topic.


How Do Creatives Adopt Vertical Or Lateral Thinking?

For the people working in creative professions, how challenging can it be to maintain a creative approach? Usually designers, animators and other creative on a deadline intentionally switch off their creative side to get the work done on time or as per requirements.


What Are The Stages Of A Creative Logo Design Process?

A good logo acts as a public touchpoint for everything that a brand represents. It’s not just a symbol that can be tweaked or changed frequently. It requires conceptualization and investment to come up with a logo design that stands the test of time along with other challenges. While there are no fixed stages for creative logo design process, design agencies divide the crucial task in certain stages. Let’s see how our guests navigate through the process.


Where Does Design Thinking Fit In Logo Conception?

Simply stating, Design Thinking makes you learn new ways to tackle old challenges. If you have been through a design brief (infamously known as client brief), it’s pretty obvious to you what I mean by old challenges. Design thinking is a smart way to innovate and introduce a thinking framework that brings all stakeholders at the same page. Let’s see how designers and professionals have applied it in logo conception.


Would You Use Creativity To Modify Inspirations Or Generate New Concepts?

Every logo design ever crafted had its roots or inspiration somewhere. If the source of the inspiration is hidden from the masses it is touted as an original idea. Do you know the story of the Starbucks logo? Back in the days, it was considered a unique concept but now everyone knows where it came from. How will you as a designer use your creative sense?


In The Creative Design Process Name The Key Players And The Roles They Play.

Are your clients spending more time picking apart non-essential details than offering constructive feedback? That isn’t the only role they have as major stakeholders. Who else can have a say in the creative design process, let’s find out.


Should Business Owners Micromanage The Process?

Clients lack of trust on an external team of designers has always been a heated topic of debate. Micromanagement from the client usually makes the designer upset who starts to question his own creative abilities. Should clients be allowed to interfere at every stage? Here’s a glimpse of what we discussed.


What Measures Would You Take To Protect Your Creative Ideas?

Creative logo design ideas are bound to get copied maybe today or perhaps 20 years from now. Sometimes, it’s unintentional but in this day and age, all types of intellectual property theft can be checked. Let’s find out more about the measures to protect creative ideas from getting easily copied.


What Tips Would You Give Others To Spark Their Creative Thinking?

Is there any practical way to aide creative thinking? To me it’s insane to imagine a person who’s working day and night in a rut can produce original ideas each time.

Mehreen is a social media buff and design blogger, who keeps a keen eye on graphic design trends. She has a passion for experimenting with design ideas, and wouldn’t mind if it means going out of her way to find them in Timbuktu. Follow her on twitter for daily inspirations and findings.

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