Creative Eid Posters And Card Designs From Around The World

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Iconography, design and art transcends all boundaries. Art is indeed a form of expression that cannot be claimed to be theirs by any single nationality of culture. When we witness Eid greetings and Ramadan wishes posters, the spirit of middle-eastern culture remains dominant. Now it’s not the case this time around. Various designers from around the world have changed the very meaning of urban design for Eid posters and greeting cards. This will be a collection displaying the work of various artists who incorporated western touch, icons, flat designs and introduced colors with a sharp mix that were never seen in Eid greeting cards before. Take a look!

Smiley Face Makes A Debut!

Jazoor 1

Now what do you see here, a bobbing joker head or a smiley face with what appears to be a hat?

Jazoor 2

Here’s another look..

Jazoor 3

Getting a closer view…

Jazoor 4

Surprise surprise, Packman has a cameo appearance!

Jazoor 5

Did you like the design concept of It’s minimal but caters specifically to our emotional side.

Modern Expressionism From The Far East

Usually Islamic art displays more calligraphy and less visuals. However, Abiyasa Adiguna from Indonesia fills his graphic with meaningful visuals, some of which have a conventional appeal while others are abstract but each of them carries a symbol and story. Take a look at the greeting cards he created, giving special attention to detail and leaving nothing to your imagination.

Abiyasa 1

Abiyasa 2

Abiyasa 3

Funky Typography

Calligraphy enjoys an important position in Islamic Art and is well represented on greeting cards and posters. Ahmed Madya from Giza Egypt makes the fonts look funky with the use of vibrant colors. Let’s sit back and enjoy!

Ahmed Madyan 1

Ahmed Madyan 2

Ahmed Madyan 3

Ahmed Madyan 4

Ahmed Madyan 5

Characters Wishing You

Now this might sound a little hard to image, but some designers are keen to introduce characters in design to make it look more personalized. Guess what, they fit perfectly into the background and make it look interactive. Check out Febrian Anugarh from Jakarta in his creative spell!

Febrian 1

Febrian 2

Febrian 3

Febrian 4

Febrian 5

Show is over Guys! If you like creative design ideas for festivals, we can help you out.

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