Crello and Canva For Design – Don’t They Look Like Brothers from another Mother?

Stock photography agency founded in 2009 by Dmitry Sergeev, Depositphotos just launched a new do-it-yourself design tool for noobs and it looks so much like Canva. No kidding. I had a first look at Crello and I was surprised to see how much the tool resembles Melanie Perkins, Cliff Obrecht and Cameron Adams baby. I heard about logo design rip offs but this is crazy – a complete tool looks like another.

Crello and Canva

What is Crello?

The tool claims to offer more than 10,000 free visuals including icons, vectors, patterns, frames, photos, illustrations and shapes. It offers users the ability to design graphics for social media in a creative and quick way. It includes 29 preset sizes and offers over 6,000 unpaid design templates.

On the other hand…

Canva is an easy-to-use tool with over a million free and paid graphics, fonts and photographs that can be used to create designs for both print and web.

If anyone dares to differ with what I think, here are the similarities I caught in an instant.

Design Tool Twins

Now unless I am unaware that Crello is in some way related to Canva, it is absurd to launch a tool that is a carbon copy of the online design tool that came into the market five years ago.

Name Blame

When you’re creating a new design tool, you could at least research for a better name that doesn’t start with the same letter as the tool you’re trying so hard to copy or not copy. Crello and Canva literally sound like cousins.


Face it!

Have one look and you’ll know how much the two tools resemble. The user-interface looks very similar -the canvas is on the right side and the design element options (with a search bar) on the left with the download button on top-right. I understand the “user’s eye” theories but there could’ve have been something different.


Text Me

Just for fun, click on the ‘text tool’ in Crello and you’ll see three options for size in sans serif font. It is the same way Canva shows it except in serif font and with a bunch of more font-pairing options.


Shape of Me

Okay fine you need to give a variety of shapes to your users but at least the order could’ve been re-arranged. The fill shapes are followed by the line shapes in both tools that come before complex shapes with an intricate circumference and three-dimensional properties.


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Add Your Twist

There is a lot of space on the interface, why choose the exact same location for the ‘upload’ button? Both tools have it on the left side, under all the other options.


Oh Look!

Both the design tools have a search/layout or design on top left preceding the design elements. First you see the ‘search’ button, which is followed by ‘layout’ or ‘design’.


Well, this is what I could get from the first look. I am kind of happy to have another tool to create graphics for online platforms. I mean it will be super-fast to learn Crello for Canva users like me.

Can you spot the differences between Crello and Canva?

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6 thoughts on “Crello and Canva For Design – Don’t They Look Like Brothers from another Mother?

  1. Hi, I just tested it am am disapointed by Crello. The results are as bad as in canva (dpi something like 70). No helping lines to find the middle. Often you can’t grab the elements correctly and you cant customize the colour because deleting the numbers to set new will lead one page back. oops

    1. Hey Jurenka. Yup I’ve faced a few problems as well but these two are easy-to-use; and well they look identical.

    1. Hi Michael. If we take a first look, both the tools look alike. Of course the variety of icons, templates and fonts is different. Plus, the paid version has more to offer in each. I use both interchangeably when I need to make quick images.

  2. Have you tried Pixteller? I’m extremely happy with their editor. Canva doesn’t even come close in speed and functionality. Plus, their animation editor is just marvelous. This is the missing link in social media marketing and promoting.

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