10 Quirky Father’s Day Greeting Card Ideas

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Do you remember the time when you were stuck in a situation and there was only one person you could count on? The man who is always ready to

  • pay college fees even when he’s on a tight budget
  • teach you (bashfully) about periods as a single parent
  • protect you from ruthless bullies at school
  • do plumbing of the house so you could use the loo
  • earn to provide you shelter, food, clothes and education
  • play catch or baseball with you even if he’s tired

Yes, it’s his day. It is Father’s Day.

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Father’s Day Present

What have you got in mind for this special day?

Whatever you’re planning, you need an awesome greeting card. It’s a special day for him, think out-of-the-box ideas. Saying he’s the “best dad in the world” is cliché. In fact, the new trend is ‘personalization’.

Discover how you can choose the purrfect card for him.

Every father in this world is extraordinary. You need to select the right graphics and words for ‘your’ dad. The card you give him, shouldn’t be serious or too rude – don’t kill the happy mood. Make it humorous, add pun, and sarcasm will work for dads who can gulp a harmless joke.

Before you get a card design, do some research pretty please.

Step 1: Figure out his personality

At this point, it’s crucial you know who your dad resembles.

Your dad could be like…

A Movie Character

  • Wayne Szalinski from Honey I Shrunk The Kids
  • Bob Ho from The Spy Next Door
  • Darth Vader from Star Wars
  • Marlin from Nemo

He could also be a superhero, such as Captain America or Superman.

This way it’ll be easy to know if your father is a nerd, detective, angry old man, protective or brave.

A Popular Celebrity

  • Tom cruise
  • Donald Trump (why not?)
  • William Shakespeare
  • Pablo Picasso

A One of a Kind

Dads who are unique. They are rare species, with qualities you can’t really discuss. For instance, a father who burps loud after dinner every time or one who cracks jokes no one laughs on except you (that too, embarrassingly).

Step 2: Determine his powers

It’s time to discover his trade secrets. Figure out what he is good at – shhh… hidden talents and skills. He may be a banker but he’s got a knack for football or belly dance. Who knows?

Step 3:

Share this information with a design firm, like Logo Design Guru and get a custom Father’s Day greeting card. While you’re busy organizing a party or buying a gift for your Dad, a professional will create a greeting card for you.

For better results, share the kind of feeling you want to infuse in the card. You can also list down your preferences about the type of font, color and visuals you want.

A professional card design with a personal message can be that one present on this special day, your dad will cherish forever. He can carry it in his wallet, frame it on the wall, place it besides his bed or save it digitally on all his devices.

Check out these creative card designs you can gift your dad this year!

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