Brand Differentiation with Custom Logo Design: A Visual Marketing Case Study of Channel 4

How do brands differentiate their brand images from an ocean of identities? Brands such as Dunkin Donuts, Paypal, and Apple etc. have managed to successfully liaison with people, psychologically and through physical presence. In addition to their visual identity, these brands spend surplus time and money on marketing strategies. The making of brands is not a piece of cake, a lot of research is conducted to achieve such high-standards.

For one, careful planning is done to ensure that brand loyalty is never lost, even after rebranding. You must have heard about the failed branding attempt of Airbnb, and although it incorporates the humanism factor in its logo, the outcome has undoubtedly been negative. This is not what brands should aim to achieve. Designers and entrepreneurs are thus under great pressure when creating brand identities. They cannot ignore the views and emotions of people — this should be the core of your rebranding strategy.

Jeff Bezos, founder of once said: “Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.” This is very true. In order to disseminate positive emotions and views about your brand, you must maintain a high quality brand image, its values and its products.

Moreover, many brands across the globe have re-brand themselves. This decision can depend on several factors including change in organizational structure; introduction of new products; willingness to adapt to progress in the surroundings, or deviation from initial brand values.

In this case study, we learn many things from Channel 4’s rebranding, especially if you are a startup, small business or even a well-established entrepreneur. It describes the strategies used by Channel 4 to triumph over its evolving organization, and also the reasons that made it a prominent brand among its target market and competitors.

Why Channel 4? Channel 4 began its first transmission in 1982, and later began operating under the umbrella of Channel Four Television Corporation, a body founded in 1990. With “Wenvoe transmitting station” converting to digital in 2010, Channel 4 has become the first to air all across UK. Over the years, it not only digitized itself but also introduced new services.

It is well understood by now that when an organization changes, its identity and logo design has to match its transformation. The ever-expanding group Channel 4, has altered their logo five times before their latest attempt to represent their brand and its people.

Read about the “core value” of Channel 4 around which the brand is formed, and the way in which it has incorporated this “value” in its new logo and over all brand identity, all in our case study.

Brand Differentiation with Custom Logo Design

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