How to Use Customer Reviews for Local Business Marketing

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If you want the local community’s attention for your small business, you need to pay attention to what customers say about your business on the popular and trusted online review websites. Google shows the most relevant results based on your location and searches. To ensure your local business is in the top search results, you should claim your local listings, respond to online reviews, and optimize your website for mobile searches.

Customers can see all nearby services when they look for something based on location and service – and by claiming your listing, you can control what customers see about your business and keep an eye on your brand’s reputation. Online reviews are a powerful way to identity what customers like and don’t like about your business, and it gives you a way to respond to people directly about any issues they come across. Online reviews provide valuable feedback that can help your business succeed.

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However, online reviews are another avenue for local business marketing. People trust what real customers have to say about your services, and using these reviews to help advertise your business is a smart way to capitalize on it. This infographic explains the ways you can ensure your online reviews show up in the top local searches and use them as free advertising for your local business.

How to Use Online Reviews to Market Your Local Business

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