Customize Your Font Not Your Brand

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One of the most overlooked branding techniques in the design world is the Font. Corporations spend thousands of dollars to stand out amongst their competitors but when it comes to the font they opt for the common Times New Roman, Arial or even the Calibri font. They do not seem to understand the brand impact of a custom font and hence, say, “it’s just a font.” Maybe it’s those words that has allowed the smaller corporations to remain just that-small.

Big brands think big. They think memorable and they know that to stand out and remain unique they have to continue to think outside the box. That means even something as seemingly insignificant as a font is given due respect.

Creating a custom font is the icing on the marketing campaign. You must choose the right font for your marketing design to stand out among the endless plethora of your business competitors which is why brands like Intel, Apple, FIFA etc. all opt to create their own font persona. Imagine the popular brands if their logo had a ‘normal’ or ‘common’ font?



Kind of blows you away the power of the font right? Our infographic below shows you why every brand in 2014 should opt for a custom font. It’s the year of branding in the design world and customized fonts will lead the way.

Customize Your Font Not Your Brand
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