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Dental Logo Ideas: Bridge The Gap Between Your Business And Branding

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Looking for a dental logo design today? You’ve come to the right place. Here we are all about creating visual identities that transform businesses into solid brands. And the first step to do that is to nail a business logo idea that conveys all the important information about your brand to your potential clients via the shortest of glances.

How do we achieve that? We ask you three basic, important questions:

  • Who you are as a business?
  • Who your ideal customer is?
  • How do you want your clients to perceive you?

As you answer these questions, both you and we get a clear idea of your business personality, and start the process of cultivating a brand identity based on a brand logo that encapsulates all your core ideas into every angle, stroke, and the edge of the design.

In this post, we share with you 22 of the most striking dental logos created by our professional designers for real, paying clients. Most of these designs were chosen by the clients as their brand logos, while others were favored highly by our design community.

Through this amalgamation of artistry and professional demands, we help you narrow down your own design brief and make it as organized and directed as you want your business to be.

1. The Tooth And Nothing But The Tooth

The world of the dental logo imagery is not very vast. Most of the time clients are looking for icons and symbols that are instantly recognizable and can be connected to their specific industry in just one look. If you are also looking to incorporate tooth-symbols in your design, we give you a few examples of how it can be done more impact-fully through softer edging, brighter colors, and playing with more than just one symbol.

Blissful Dental Logo
Blue and green tooth logo

Twin Rivers Dental Logo
Professional dental logo featuring tooth icon

Maryland Dental Logo
Tooth image on dental logo design

White Clay dantal Associates Logo
Tooth image in a shield for dental services logo

2. The Color Blue

Blue is the most favorite color of people in the entire universe; everyone likes it. But medical professionals seem to like it the most. You can even consider it a go-to color for brands associated with medicine, science, health, and pharmacy. The color that makes a close-second is green – appearing more in health and wellness logos than surgery-centric designs.

The fact that blue is a calming color makes us associate it with vastness, peace, and trust. There is enough evidence to suggest that blue color actually slows down the heartbeat, making us feel instantly calmer, more at peace. It is no surprise, therefore, that you would want to associate such calming and peaceful shade to your dental practice brand, and hope that the patients coming in for a root canal will be in a much-reassured state as they walk in.

Here are some prominently blue dental logos for your design consideration:

Premier Care Dental Logo
Blue and beige logo featuring dental chair icon

Smile n Love Logo
Cheerful dental logo with smile icon

Table Mountain Dental Group Logo
Geometric dental logo in blue color

3. Lettermark Or Wordmark Logos:

Lettermark and wordmark logos consist of the business name as their entire logo. For such logos, impactful and daring typography is used to make the logo stand out.

Background colors, the style of typeface, and the word choices for the tagline – all these elements also take center stage for lettermark/wordmark logos.

As minimalism concepts continue their trend in design, and the ‘less is more’ statement endures, we see wordmark logos making more and more frequent appearances into design rooms. And the appeal is understandable. With a wordmark logo, you are showing confidence in your name alone, and confidence can be catching.

Take a look at a few of the dental wordmark logos below to see if your idea is similar to something like this:

Prestige Dental Specialist Logo
Lettermark logo dental logo with letter P

The Smile Club Logo
Smile dental logo for business

Smyle Teeth Whitening Logo
Wordmark dental logo with geometric typeface

Glisten Advanced Teeth Whitening Logo
Green and black dental logo

Saratoga Smiles Logo
Wordmark dental logo in subtle and softer blue and grey

4. Dental Management Services

Dental management services incorporate both the dental services and other supply chain services that come with it. You can include dental insurance in it too. As the scope of the industry widens, so does room for experiment with the brand logo design.

You can add dental imagery aspects along with more business-centric icons in the logo to make the design more comprehensive and reflective. The color choice also becomes vaster and lets you flex your design muscles a little bit more.

Morpheus Dental Management Logo
Dental management services logo

Denttoolz Logo
Wordmark dental logo with bold typography

Dental Warehouse Logo
Dental logo for online dental management services

Locke And Load Logo
Archery and tooth symbols combined in dental logo

Robbinsdale Dental Care Logo
Tree featuring tooth as leaves for dental logo design

5. Endodontic Specialized Logos:

Endodontic is a niche market within the dental health industry. With niche markets, come niche designs. Clients ordering logos for their endodontic practices want specific imagery attached to it to make their logos distinguished from other dental practice logos.

You can see more needle points, some rounded edges, and Serif fonts gracing endodontic logos. The idea is to make the logo look more professional (as the process is more surgical) and have the business be presented as more specialized than general dentistry.

Pristine Endodontics Logo
Endodontic logo in green, white, and black

Premier Endodontics Logo
Endodontic logo combining the initials of the name

Sammaish Endodontics Logo
Blue and green logo for Endodontic services

Southwest Endodontics Logo
Endodontic services logo featuring tooth and arc

Maupin Endodontics Logo
Wordmark endodontic logo for business

To round up the designs, you’ll notice that few symbolic icons make more frequent appearances in the designs than others. As we explained, it is to make the logo look instantly recognizable as a dental practice logo. However, with subtler designs and creative artistry, you can make the your professional logo design look more-you and less every-body-else.

Hopefully, with these examples, you now have a more organized idea of the kind of designs you want for your logo.

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