The Five Step Approach to Creating a Legendary Logo Design

Design Thinking: The Five Step Approach to Creating a Legendary Logo Design

There is a difference between a good design and a brilliant design. This difference can be understood by comparing the legendary swoosh of Nike to the numerous logos that can be seen in every other business on the roads around us. It is the difference between a bit of success and achievement that is memorable. How can a designer, any designer, achieve a level of success that takes them from being a designer to being a successful designer?

Designers must understand that to create the ultimate design a process has to be followed. There is no such thing as creating a logo design out of thin air or even imagining what a logo will look like without first understanding why the logo is needed. To become successful they not only have to create a design – they have to employ “Design Thinking”.

Design thinking is a structured approach to generating ideas. This approach allows a design to be created for the client as per their business needs. Only after implementing design thinking will they manage to initiate the creation of a design that goes beyond mediocre. Logo designs like the Nike swoosh became icons because they mean something.

When the designer created the legendary image she did not create tons of logos to be presented to the client which were later modified. Rather, it was custom design process. A design process that in today’s fast speed business world is underscored. In an era of crowd sourcing, design is seen as a secondary dimension of business; while in reality, it is the basis of a successful business.

The 5 Steps to Creating a Logo Design

In a world where individuality is given focus, vision is sometimes overrated. Yes, you need vision, imagination, and dreams to become a graphic artist. However, true triumph comes from the realization that without a process to follow the vision becomes distorted. You have to hold onto vision and follow the process to ensure that success is guaranteed.

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Design Thinking

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