Design Thinking Virtuoso – The personality profile that wins over clientele

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What gives a design thinker a unique personality? Not a simple question, is it? His decisions and their outcomes truly dictate the success criteria. But there has to be some substantial skillset or a list of predetermined attributes. Tim Brown of IDEO has also outlined some traits to look for in design thinkers. We will be defining their skill-set that enables them to connect with their clients. In other words, they are the skills that empower design thinkers to read their client’s minds.

A design thinker has a built-in aptitude for design thinking. With just a bit of right training and professional development, their true potential can be unlocked.

Spelling it out

C -ollaborator – A team worker rather than a lone ranger. They aim beyond individual glory.

R -ealist – They can steer results in their direction after considering the possibilities and practicalities

E -mpathy – imagines the world from multiple perspectives and don’t cling to their personal ideas

A -ware – keeps an eye on change whether its technology or design

T -hinker – their approach to life is structured which also involves thought processing

I -ntuitive – they process data more deeply

V -isualizer – they can visualize all aspects of a confounding problem

E -xperimentalist – constantly explores constraints and works accordingly

Design Thinking Virtuoso - The personality profile that wins over clientele

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