Design your Dad the Gift of Time

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It’s hard trying to get the ‘Greatest Ever’ gift that reflects the thought. There are just so many times a cute tie, quirky cufflinks or a favorite perfume can be given. So what do you get your dad when you have given him everything already?

This father’s day give him the gift of time. Corny it maybe but I figure no matter what the age of the man, a few hours of time spent with their kids, and without them (depending on the age) are always cherished.


This can be a hands-on project that can be done at any age, for the younger lot it’s a great artsy effort.

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How to design a clock:

  1. Get a piece of cardboard paper or any plain paper.
  2. Fold it into half and then cut it into the shape of a half circle.
  3. Then cut that half circle again from the inner edge and when you open it you should have the outline of a circle.
  4. Use any wall clock you have (you can buy one at Walmart for less than $10) and paste or tape that half circle on the top of the clock in a way that the hands of the clock and the numbers are visible.

Time For A Break

Dads of Younger kids: If you have kids under the age of 12 and they want to give their dad some ‘time’, have them sit down and design the above clock. Then have your child write something to do for dad from the time he or she wakes up to bed time on that paper every hour.

Some ideas on how to ‘spend that time’:

  • Make dad breakfast
  • Breakfast in bed for dad
  • Two hours of uninterrupted nap time
  • A movie and popcorn with kids
  • Watch dad’s favorite sports without changing the channel

Dads of Older Kids: As teenagers, young adults and adults, we don’t spend enough time with our dads, and oftentimes we miss out on just having some quality conversation. Make a similar clock for your dad and this time offer your own company.

Some ideas on how to ‘offer your company’:

  • Mow the lawn
  • Lunch date with dad
  • Invite dad to some summer grilling
  • It’s 5 o’clock somewhere drink together

This gift will be appreciated regardless of whether your dad is a ‘techie’, ‘sporty’ or ‘grill master”. Just adapt the writing to his interest and you have a gift that will be memorable. No need to spend endless amounts of money on a gift that is relegated to the dark corners of the house. This year give him a gift that will be appreciated.

Happy Father's Day

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