Why Designers Need an Online Portfolio

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It is so important for designers to have an online portfolio in today’s marketing. When seeking for new jobs, it’s an easy way to prove to potential clients why they should hire you over other candidates. Know that although creating an online portfolio is important, graphic designers need some vital skills to make an impression.

Why Do I Need An Online Portfolio?

1. Establishes an Online Presence – Being internet savvy is something that companies look for in a graphic designer. Having an online portfolio conveys that message loud and clear. In fact, the more prominent a designer is in online social circles, the better off he’ll be a finding opportunities.

2. Better Than a Resume – An online portfolio is ten times better than a physical portfolio. You can use these when applying for jobs and potential employers can see your work immediately. This portfolio demonstrates your abilities and speaks of your talents.

3. Show Off Your Talent – Designers love to show off their work and a resume does not provide that opportunity. On the other hand, an online portfolio instantly shows off their work. If you want to establish yourself in this industry, let your designs do the talking via your online portfolio.

4. You’re Accessible – You’ll be surprised how many more design opportunities come your way once your online portfolio is live. Having your portfolio on the Internet makes it accessible to people around the world, instantly. This even opens another opportunity to work with international companies. Potential clients from other countries are now able to access your portfolio and maybe even hire you!

5. Saves Employers Time – Employers around the world have embraced the idea of online portfolios. Take a look at it from their perspective. Employers have to search through hundreds of resumes, choose the best ones, schedule and conduct interviews. Generally they have to go through a lot of candidates before getting to see their portfolio and may realize they are or aren’t as skilled as their resume says. This is very time consuming. Having an online portfolio saves employers time and they can see design work instantly, enabling them to find the right fit for their company sooner.

Where to Create Your Online Portfolio

So we’ve outlined the benefits of the online portfolio, let’s go over putting it all together. Here are a few great platforms graphic designers can use to create an online portfolio.

So there you have it! While these aren’t the only great sites to create an online portfolio, they are best of the best.

Did we miss your favorite online portfolio website?  Please, let us know!

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  1. It help clients in making a decision whether to hire a designer or not. The foremost thing is to create an impression with the online portfolio.

  2. Portfolio is the proffered factor for the Customers to look for while hiring for Services . Portfolio is Collection of Best Work Done by firm and Works as a Client Satisfaction factor .

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