Did you know most Disney movies have their own Fonts?

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I have two kids under the age of 10 so I tend to watch a lot of animated movies. I may not be up-to-date with the PG-13 and above (rated) movies out there but I know my Disney characters. So when I began to research the connection between fonts, businesses, brands and the current trends I came across numerous sites that marketed ‘Disney Fonts.’ One of my favorites being an article 35 Awesome and Free Disney Fonts posted on That’s Vandy, a blog hosted by Brittany, and about living a good life. However, I digress….

Staring from Walt Disney himself most Disney characters have their own font and a lot of them are surprisingly free. However, we have noted that the trend in 2014 is all about customizing typography of movie titles and many of the latest Disney movies have customized fonts for their blockbuster features.

So all aspiring typographic artists think how lucrative it would be if all movies being marketed were to opt for custom fonts!

Customized Blockbuster Disney Movie Fonts



A blockbuster movie that captured the imagination of millions Disney used a custom font to represent Frozen. They made this decision as they wanted to create a unique identity that could not be easily replicated. They succeeded, and not only did the movie become the sixth highest grossing movie ever, the font has typographers scrambling to create some form of replication.


Five Free Disney Movie Fonts

• Waltograph


Walt Disney, the founder of Disney has his own font called Waltograph recognized by its handwriting format and the elaborate curves around the ‘W’, ‘O’ and ‘T’.

• Pieces of Eight

Ahoy, matey! The words ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ are written in the font ‘Pieces of Eight’ a font used in most marketing accessories where the name of the movie is written.

• Aladdin

The magical Aladdin used the font ‘Aladdin’ in its title and surprisingly it’s a free font.

• Diogenes and Disney Heroic


The very masculine Diogenes font was used for the character and movie ‘Hercules’ but some posters used Disney Heroic.

• Lion King


No guesses here, the font Lion King was used to create the posters and other memorabilia for the Disney movie Lion King

Top 3 ways to use the Disney Fonts

  1. 1. Next time you have a kid’s birthday party with a Disney character theme use the font for the invitations.
  2. 2. Been to Disney and have tens of pictures? Use the fonts to create a visual experience in your scrapbook.
  3. 3. Use the Disney fonts in all your craft ideas, at home or in school.

Note: The Disney fonts are free to use for non-commercial purposes. Copyright issues may apply if needed for commercial use.

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