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Using Eggs and Rabbits in Logo Design

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Easter marks the end of Lent, the Holy Week, and concludes a period of thought, prayer and worship. Its message revolves around love and peace for family, friends, and all mankind. This religious event also brings with it lots of fun, joy and laughter in the form of colorful Easter eggs and those exciting Easter Egg hunts that children love so much.

In the spirit of Easter, today’s post will showcase 25 amazing custom logo designs that use the two images that have become absolutely synonymous with the Easter event – Egg and Rabbit.

Egg Symbol in Logo Design

The egg symbol is associated with Easter because of the famous Easter Egg Hunts that children absolutely love and look forward to. In logo design the ‘egg’ symbol represents freshness, newness, birth, revival and regeneration. Depending on the industry, the egg symbol can come to mean different things. Used in the food industry it can mean health while in the entertainment industry it can come to mean basic goodness or even used in terms of craziness or to show the goofy side like calling someone an ‘egg head’.

egg logos

egg logo

egg logo, sunny side up

eggs logo

blue egg logo

penguin logo, egg logos

nest logo, egg logos

Image Source: Egg Logo Design by LogoDesign.net

town logo, egg logo

music logo, egg logos

cat logo, egg logos, curiosity logo

egg logos printing

fried egg logo

bad egg logos

hatchbrands logo

egg and spoon

Rabbit Symbol in Logo Design

The idea of the Easter Bunny originated in the United States during the 18th century and from there it took on a life of its own. From Easter T-shirts to Easter coffee mugs, the rabbit is a central figure it any portrait, image or logo design.

Rabbit represents energy and speed as they are known to be fast runners. Many businesses like to use the rabbit symbol to show that their company is ‘quick’ in action taking, can ‘jump’ over obstacles and is capable of ‘multiplying’ profits for their clients. Some businesses in the clothes and kids industries also like to use the rabbit symbol which can mean anything from cute to soft, magical and feminine, depending on the use of the symbol and the colors employed.

rabbit egg

88 rabbits

cotton tailed


magic paint logo

I hope you enjoyed this post as well as the logo selections. Happy Easter to Everyone!

Logo Sources: LogoPond; LogoFaves

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