Top 10 Eid Typography Inspiration on Behance for Creative Minds

Feature Image Source: Collage of designers’ works

Eid hustle bustle isn’t over yet! Customers will shop till the dawn breaks the first day of this annual Muslim celebration, which marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan. During this time, brands increase their marketing and advertising efforts to promote their products and services for more sales. They use complementary imagery and typography to lure people into buying things like food items and fashion accessories to absolutely anything with enticing deals.

Eid Typography

Designers all over the world always express their creativity through visuals. Whether it is a celebration of the east or west, graphic designers and typographers always take part in the festivity with their own twist. These typography inspirations for Eid from designers on Behance is a feast for your eyes.

Festive Color Overlay by Ahmed Hamaki

Festive-Color-Overlay-by-Ahmed-Hamaki-minImage Source

A deconstructed lettering of the word Eid in Arabic writing with color overlays giving depth to the designs. The beauty of such typography is that you partially understand the imagery and to an extent it leaves many wondering what is actually written.

*In case you don’t know Eid Sa’eid means Happy Eid.

Line Art Eid Mubarak by Ahmad AlHindi

Line-Art-Eid-Mubarak-by-Ahmad-AlHindi-minImage source

The dot and line contrast in this typography gives an interesting dimension to the words. This is a contemporary approach to design whereby the colorful background is paired with white lettering captures the delightful spirit of Eid.

Twist in Retro by Khaled Youssef

Twist-in-Retro-by-Khaled-Youssef-minImage source

Whoever likes truck art, pop art and retro will probably fancy this design. It looks like a party popper effect in the background. The subtle shadows and highlights in the text give the illusion of chamfered edges.


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Playful Gradients by Mostafa Aafa

Playful-Gradients-by-Mostafa-Aafa-minImage source

A beautiful and compact illustration of type embellished with gradient and shadows. The colors pop out with the use of white space or a white shape. The roundness of edges deliver a happy mood.

Colorful Ride by Romaisaa ElSharkawy

Colorful-Ride-by-Romaisaa-ElSharkawy-minImage source

The beauty of this multi-color typography is in its imperfection and non-rigidness. The contrast of warm and cool hues make the writing vibrant. While it looks like a squiggle, it has a unique charm to it.

Language of Eid by Multiple Designers

Language-of-Eid-by-Multiple-Designers-minImage source

This neon design uses different languages to deliver the meaning of celebration and unity. Muslims are around this world and the Arabic isn’t the only language that depicts Eid. This festive occasion can be enjoyed in any language.

Islamic Art Style by Kamal Warraq

Islamic-Art-Style-by-Kamal-Warraq-minImage source

I think graphic designer Marian Bantjes will like this one since she likes the idea of puzzles and making people think about what is shown. The Arabic text in this design blends well with other graphic elements. Simply put, this is an unusual typography.

Cartoonic Eid Typeface by Anas 45

Cartoonic Eid Typeface by Anas 45Image source

The sheer minimalism of this typography composed in a symmetrical hierarchy looks spectacular. Its simplicity is its reason to stand out from the crowd. Looks like some conformist made it. This one can be used to make a repeated pattern.

Hide-and-Seek by Tiffani Valindia

Hide-and-Seek-by-Tiffani-Valindia-minImage source

You may have seen such typography design on Pinterest. It looks like I can grab the bunch and hand it to someone. The contrast of textured flora with a white font is amazing. It’s like hide-and -seek of design.

Bubbly Eid by Mahmoud Bassam

Bubbly-Eid-by-Mahmoud-Bassam-minImage source

Mostly when Arabic is written for design, the corner and edges are straight or pointy; but this one is different. It resembles the bubble-style typography that went viral in the 90s. The white highlights give it a glass effect.

Which Eid typography design do you like the best?

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