7 Elements that Make a Logo Design ‘Stick’

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A logo is your company’s brand ambassador. It is an iconic representation of your business; since it will be the face of your company, it needs to stand out and be memorable. Have you ever come across a logo design that sticks in your mind? Did a logo ever make you wonder how powerful simplicity can be? Has a logo design ever make you think, ‘Wow! This is pure genius?’

A good logo does not need to be complex or flashy. It should be simple, timeless and unique with the power to ‘stick’ in the minds of its viewers. There are seven important logo design elements that can make a design become a brand’s identity. Use these to create a professional logo design.

  1. Simple – Remember, less is more. Instead of creating a design that is complex, focus on creating one that is simple and easily identifiable in various formats. Keep it clear with distinct lines and shapes; avoid adding too much to it.
  2. Memorable – Leave a lasting impression. Use a consistent color scheme that has no more than 2 colors and create a symbol that represents the company. This will help it to stand out in the crowd, never underestimate the power of visual appeal. An ugly logo with a lot of color and complicated fonts will be forgettable.
  3. Unique – Don’t copy or use common clichéd symbols and styles. A logo design that has nothing new to offer can easily be lost in a crowd. Creating an abstract image won’t do, unless it can personalize your client’s business and help it stand out.
  4. Versatile – Create a logo symbol that is appealing, not just in color but also in black and white. It should not lose its appeal when printed in reverse colors or in just one.
  5. Relevant – Allow the logo to reflect the vibe of the business it represents. Research about the industry and your client’s competitors. Don’t use fonts or styles that will misrepresent the company and give it an incorrect image. For instance, using a fun comic font for a professional law firm is a big mistake. How can you expect the viewers to take that firm seriously if the vibe the logo gives is non-serious?
  6. Scalable – Will the logo design lose its touch if it’s resized? Does it look complicated when made smaller or does it become bland when made bigger? It should look great, not just on the web but also when printed whether it’s a brochure or a mug. After all, you don’t know where your client may use their new logo.
  7. Timeless – The best logo designs stand the test of time. They have a universal appeal and don’t need to be redesigned every few years. Best logo designs adapt to the growth of the business and override the trends. In fact, they can become the trend setters.

So, does your creation have all the necessary elements needed for a winning brand image? Will your logo design stick around for long?

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