Killer Email Marketing Tactics

Killer Email Marketing Tactics For Ecommerce This Holiday Season

An average person checks their emails 74 times in one day. Yet it’s surprising to see marketers on the back foot when it comes to managing active email marketing campaigns during the holiday season. But active does not mean aggressive, you don’t have to shoot 10 mails in a day. It means you should be ready to track the progress after sending out a group of emails and align your team according to your customer’s next move which could be a simple inquiry on call or engagement on social media.

“The great challenge of our current media landscape is capturing and retaining user attention.” Nico Mele

In the real world email marketing is not proving fruitful. People simply ignore the marketing message when they haven’t asked for it. On top of that, the pushy sales tone makes them mark the sender as spam and that’s a terrible news for marketers. The lack of effective email marketing is greatly undermining the chances of converting leads into sales.

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What Reduces The Effectiveness Of Email Marketing?

Email marketing it that old school approach that never gets obsolete. Unfortunately, there is a huge disconnect between how companies sell and how people buy. When marketers lose track of the changing consumer behavior with digitalization, that’s when this gap grows wider and unsurmountable. What is it that marketers fail to understand? Despite of a well-crafted email, the disappointing open rate discourages marketers who then believe email marketing is perhaps not suitable for their business. If that’s an assumption, it’s false and if it’s a conclusion then it’s a dire one.

Email marketing definitely works and for every business but if you know your buyer’s persona all the way from basic information to their interests and hobbies. Only then you will be able to decipher the most suitable time to pitch to them. For instance if your audience are working females, the ideal time to send them an email would be after when they have reached home or during lunch or commute hours. Those are the timings when you have chances of better open rates.

Besides, email marketing is not like traditional marketing where companies focus on sending their message across the board. It asks for focus and customization of the email according to the preferences of the email receiver.

Why Marketers Are Shy Of Email Marketing?

Well we don’t have an excellent history marketing via email. The medium has been exploited to an extent that people don’t bother going through marketing messages in their email. Most people would either mark marketing emails that they never asked for as either spam or simply delete them. People have learned to tune it out. Besides technology is making these techniques less effective and more expensive. Hence marketers are never able to benefit from this lucrative medium.

Having access to someone’s real inbox is an opportunity to engage. Of course with great power comes great responsibility. If you waste this chance with a slightly spammy-looking email, you run the risk of getting banned from that inbox forever.

Significance Of Mobile In Email Marketing For Holidays

54% of all email is opened on mobile which further adds to pressure that marketers are facing in terms of email customization. When an email is crafted, it is usually not created on the small screen which is why a lot of marketers are still unaware about how to make an email mobile friendly. Even if the customer finds value in your email, chances are that he may bounce off due to small CTA button or lack of clarity in email layout. All these factors combined can contribute to declining your sales through email marketing during the holiday season when the customers are motivated. If you don’t have hands on information on how to restructure tacky promotion offers, you will lose even more interested prospects.

Email Marketing For Holidays

Email marketing reach goes way beyond marketing ROI during holiday season. According to the National Retail Federation, retail e-Commerce holiday sales grew nearly 4% in 2015. That percentage figure might not seem like a big leap so, let’s put things into perspective. That growth translates to $101.9 billion generated from online orders during holiday in 2014 alone. There are some companies who reserve their email marketing campaigns only for the holiday season. That’s a smart move because November and December drive 30% more e-Commerce revenue than non-holiday months.

48% of holiday shoppers said they did the majority of their shopping on or before Cyber Monday. Now that means Black Friday is your opportunity and all your email marketing efforts should be streamlined before this time. Brace yourself for some killer tactics to nail email marketing this holiday season.

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