9 Innovative Entrepreneur Couples

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How Creative Partners for Life are Making a Difference!

“The trust you have in your spouse as co-manager is greater than what you can have for any business partner.” – Stewart Friedman, Professor of Management at Wharton Business School

It is a challenging enough task, in and of itself, to keep a business afloat. Add the pressures of marital life into the mix, and one can easily expect things to get messy and chaotic. Consider too the fact that an estimated half of all marriages in the United States end in divorce, and you begin to realize why it is essential for couples to think twice before they decide to start a business together.

However, and especially given the scenario above, it may surprise you to know how many successful businesses are owned and managed by married couples. Surprising as it may be, the situation is not completely unthinkable, for if you put two creative minds together, they are bound to complement each other, and generate some highly innovative ideas. Entrepreneur couples are further supported by statistics which reveal that one-third of the 5.5 million family-owned businesses are owned and operated by married couples.


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1. Emily and Rob LaFave

Foodzie and Forage

Innovative Idea: Foodzie is an online platform connecting thousands of food artisans to customers while Forage is an ingredients and recipes delivery service to facilitate customers so they can recreate some their favorite restaurant dishes. Now, isn’t that an amazing idea?

Couple Entrepreneur

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This husband and wife duo started their journey from their first year of college at Virginia Tech, and that is where the idea of Foodzie was first conceived. Besides sharing a love life, the couple shares the concern of consumers who want easy access to small artisan food companies. Though the idea is certainly unique, the LaFaves could use better branding and promotion.

2. Diana and Dave

Pygmy Cloud

Innovative Idea: They used a clouds and rain theme in toys, and kept it consistent in their branding.

Couple Entrepreneur

This couple owns a small business, offering home décor and plushies, in addition to a special range of toys for kids and adults. What is most interesting about the brand is the way they add a hint of clouds and drizzle, an idea inspired by frequent rain in their hometown. So far, the clouds appear consistently in their logo and products, and even the subtle colors used on the website are a representation of this brilliant idea. It’s been a while since someone came up with such an innovative idea for the toy industry, and it was possible only due to the joint efforts of this young and energetic couple.

3. Victoria Ransom & Alain Chuard


Innovative Idea: One of a kind software to link popular social media platforms.

Couple Entrepreneur

Sharing a common vision, Victoria Ransom and Alain Chuard led the foundation of an enterprise marketing platform app, called ‘Wildfire’. It was a simple enough idea in hindsight, one they came up with in their living room but it caught mass acclaim and the venture was quite popular without any outside funding. Wildfire fuels social media marketing for more than 16,000 businesses, including 30 of the top 50 global brands. The couple’s efforts truly paid off when Wildfire was acquired by Google for $250 million.

4. Kass and Michael Lazerow

Buddy Media

Innovative Idea: A platform dedicated specifically to SMM.

Couple Entrepreneur

Now, this couple is in for serious applause. They have not only started three ventures together but took them to the echelons of business too. Their social enterprise software company was acquired for a massive $689 million by Salesforce in June 2012. The two distribute their responsibilities and tasks intelligently, which is obviously due to the fact that their skillsets are evenly matched.

5. David Heasty and Stefanie Weigler

Triboro Design

Innovative Idea: Unconventional yet realistic designs define the Triboro business model.

Couple Entrepreneur

Team Triboro, comprised of David and Stefanie, started off with freelancing, but when it presented interesting projects, they began developing a business model around it, and guess what? It really clicked. They have maintained a creative work atmosphere, and are quick to resolve any conflicts which arise at work. Though their brand identity is yet to be established, they have established a quick reputation by working on projects such as ‘Leftovers’ and ‘Design Love’.

6. Jake and Pum Lefebure

Design Army

Innovative Idea: They have implemented a visual media strategy which speaks volumes about native culture, and they are moving in step with the latest design and tech trends.

Couple Entrepreneur

Design Army is the union of two graphic designers living in the DC Metropolitan area. They have repeatedly stunned the design industry with their award-winning designs, most of which have garnered massive acclaim. This husband and wife team owns a small studio which caters to some of the biggest clients, including Bloomingdale, Washington National Ballet, and Washingtonion Bride and Groom to name a few.

However, working with your life partner has both merits and demerits. According to Pum, the best thing is they have more time to discuss their business and innovative ideas, and that is also the worst thing about it.

7. Karli and Jacques


Innovative Idea: Dinosaur Jewelry

Couple Entrepreneur

Time for you to meet another fun couple, one that designs laser cut jewelry. Wondering why they are featured here? Well, because they use dinosaurs for inspiration and in design for their jewelry! The products range from necklaces and bracelets to brooches and rings, all of them dinosaur-themed, and made from Plexiglass, Perspex, and Cherry Wood. Furthermore, most of their products are unisex, and are a dream come true for Dino-nerds.

8. Ben and Fi O’Brien

Huddle Formation

Innovative Idea: Gorgeous illustrations taking shape in numerous product lines.

Couple Entrepreneur

Not just another creative studio, Huddle Formation is a blend of smart textile design and funky illustrations. When its Ben and Fi O’Brien behind a project, we can always expect some magic. They love to play with colors and neon is their specialty.

9. Loulou and Tummie

Loulou & Tummie’s

Innovative Idea: All things graphic! In fact, their designs have created a new wonderland.

Couple Entrepreneur

This is the creation of a Dutch couple that has been setting benchmarks with their colorful graphics and designs and in doing so, they have established their signature style. Sometimes, their designs are subtle, while loud and in-your-face at others, but most of them are handpicked by magazines, advertisements, toys, animations, and advertisements.

The entrepreneur couples listed in this article can help inspire you to start your own business in partnership with your spouse, or they could just encourage you to get married in the first place. Before you launch a startup though, consider this question:

What kind of business generates massive attention?

  • An Innovative One?
  • One that Solves a Problem?
  • Or One which Helps Bring Together the Masses?

Or is it all just about effective branding? Could you make any business idea work with just the right branding?

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