16 Fascinating Visual Marketing Techniques

Make Your European Hotel Millennial-Centric – 16 Fascinating Visual Marketing Techniques

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By 2020, millennials will spend more on travel than any other generation. These individuals are spontaneous, exploratory and tech-savvy. The good news for you is that they love traveling to exciting new places, more than once a year. They’re in constant wanderlust.

Isn’t this an awesome opportunity for your European hotel?

With our “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” visual marketing techniques, you can surely win their hearts!

Appeal to Millennial Mindset

To allure the generation Y towards your European hotel, you need to understand their psyche. Get an insight into their lifestyle and know about their wants and needs.

Thirsty for Digital

For millennials, connection with the world matters a lot. Social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat are their best buddies. According to Hospitality Net, 97% millennials post travel updates while traveling, and 75% post at least once a day. You better up your game, if you want positive comments and reviews.

To be precise, an average millennial spends 18 hours a day consuming digital media. If you want to reach them, attract them and make them your guests, then check out

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FYI, Experience Rules

Millennials aren’t into buying commodities, they want exceptional services and a valuable experience. Can you give them this?

In this thriving tourism and hospitality business, “experiential travel” is what hotel marketers are providing their guests. You simply position your hotel brand as one that provides an experience instead of a product. The idea is to make traveling “immersive, local, authentic, adventurous…” as suggested by a travel report.

Note that Generation Y loves to live the moment.

True Researchers

People from this demographic group are avid researchers. Millennials use their smart phones, laptops, and tablets to search travel destinations and hotels. They’re looking for freebies, discounts, and packages.

This is how they conduct their search for a perfect hotel

  • Scan social media with hashtags
  • Look at reviews on local directories
  • Read popular travel blog posts
  • Listen to influencers via podcasts and videos
  • Search Google for best hotel deals

Types of Gen Y Travelers

Millennial travelers have different needs. Obviously, not all of them are traveling for the same reason. Some are

  • Looking for an enchanting moment with their loved one/s
  • Waiting to experience the ultimate adventure of their life
  • Hoping for a secluded and serene time
  • Willing to “bleisure” – a mix of business and leisure
  • Designers expecting to increase creative power

You need to address all these types of travel buffs to outshine others in the industry. Millennials are the hot topic these days. They will boost your return on investment. So invite the young generation to Europe – a multicultural and welcoming continent.

Did you notice the number of times I used the word ‘experience’? It is what matters the most when targeting the millennial market in all the stages of their buying journey.

Check out the slides to reveal 16 exciting visual marketing techniques for you!

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