Brandspotlight on Facebook – From Social Networking to Business Monetization

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Facebook makes it to the top 10 on the Forbes list of worlds’ most valuable brands yet again. It all started with students who were the keenest and probably the first to get attracted to the idea of social networking. Today, these networks offer endless possibilities to brands that aim to uplift their campaigns or create awareness about their new products or service offerings.

Brands tend to get 46% more engagement with Facebook timeline brand pages. Check out the top 10 or top 100 brands on Forbes and each one has a page on Facebook. It’s a matter of concern if they don’t. They utilize their branding power, design and graphics to get the best out of Facebook marketing.

Over the years, Facebook has also facilitated brands to publicize their campaigns using its built-in apps and metrics that allow brands to gauge the traffic responding to the campaigns. This tells a lot about the visitor’s persona. It’s like an online research to test the waters before releasing the real-world marketing campaigns.

“As a rough rule of thumb, post four status updates on items about outside news items or discoveries for every post promoting a product. And when you do mention a product or service, try to do so in a helpful way.”

– JD Lasica of

Facebook was never meant for plain and boring advertisements that you can use in traditional platforms. The idea of self-promotion was never welcomed on Facebook. The best way to attract customers, create resonance with them and to generate leads was to show them that you are on Facebook for more than just selling something. So are you doing it right?

In this e-book on brandspotlight on Facebook, we will show this brand transformed from a networking platform to a goldmine for brands and marketers. Learn how brand leverage Facebook for their social media marketing campaigns.  

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Brandspotlight on Facebook

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