Facebook Video: Local Business Design Ads That Work

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Do you have a Facebook video ad strategy? You’re missing out on the full benefits of Facebook if you don’t as video ads have become the boost local businesses need to increase their visibility! The Facebook algorithm currently prioritizes videos to make up 30% of the news feed and several large brands have already made the jump to creating shareable video content.

Now it’s time for small businesses to make the same jump – but there a few things you need to know to design video ads that work if you want to increase your brand’s reach.

Visual is everything

Visuals are incredibly important for small business marketing efforts. They allow businesses to tell a story more effectively than just plain text. Facebook videos provide a new avenue for local businesses to reach out to their community, showcase their produces, and make entertaining content that’s sharable. Create short videos that give your audience value and convinces them that this content is something to be shared, liked, and commented on.

However, Facebook video ads do have one tiny catch – they will autoplay  in a user’s feed without sound unless someone clicks on them. If a user does click or tap the video, Facebook plays the video in fullscreen with sound.

The key to a video ad design that works is to make it extremely visual. Film your ad like you would a silent film!

You want to catch a user’s eye as they scroll through the news feed, and if they don’t click on it for sound, your ad should still achieve your goal. Your color choices will influence the mood and setting of the scene, the character’s actions, and your message should be simple to understand.

If you’re not sure if creating video content is right for your brand or need more information on how to design your video ads, we’ve shared a few tips on what you can do to improve your videos.

Facebook Video: How Local Business Can Design Ads That Work

Have you noticed any local businesses creating Facebook videos on your news feed? Have you created any videos for your business?

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