5 Famous Bands and Their Music Logos

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The other day, I came across a listing of some innovative names in the music industry. From The Beatles to Bon Jovi, each of them has millions of fans worldwide who adore their music and looked up to them for inspiration.

While going through the list, it suddenly struck me to check if any of the famous musicians ever thought of personalizing their logo. My research found an impressive collection of unforgettable band logo designs of the world’s leading musical groups. Take a look and enjoy the collection!

1. The Beatles

Founded in the 1960s, The Beatles ruled the charts for decades with a billion records sold worldwide. They were perhaps one of the most successful bands of the 20th century.

Beatles logo design, Beatles logo

About the Beatles’ Logo

Their logo is a legendary icon in the music industry and was designed by Arbiter, a drummer and saxophone repairer. The “drop T” of the logo is the one element that makes the logo stand out, giving it a completely unique look. Taking a closer look, you can see the word “Beat” formed between B and T. Signifying a musical beat, this is why the two letters are emphasized on strongly. The choice of black color shows supremacy and power.

2. Bon Jovi

Named after its lead singer, Bon Jovi is a well loved American rock band. They are known globally for their outstanding songs. Formed in 1983 in New Jersey, the band achieved fame and recognition with their third album “Slippery When Wet” in 1986. One of their most popular song is “It’s my Life.”

Bon Jovi logo design, bon jovi logo

About Bon Jovi’s Logo

The Bon Jovi logo design is a classic and timeless piece that holds a rock star element. Though there is no authentic information available about the logo and its meaning, the images of dagger in the heart represents pain while in love. Typically romantic, it highlights sensitivity which is true for all artists. The logo design also has a gothic element that makes it a more appealing symbol for a rock band.

3.Guns ‘n Roses

Another American band, Guns ‘n Roses, was formed in 1985 in Hollywood, California. The band has sold more than a 100 million records worldwide and has the highest selling debut album produced in the US. Guns ‘n Roses is known for their heart wrenching love songs in their wild and punk style.

guns n roses logo, guns n roses logo design

About Guns ‘n Roses’ Logo

The Guns ‘n Roses logo was the result of a creative stroke of Steven, one of the band members. Inspired by a picture of a classic revolver, he drew two revolvers side by side with their handles interlocked and bound by two roses. The logo is a clear portrayal of the band’s intense nature and a combination of extreme emotions.

4. Metallica

The heavy metal band, Metallica, was formed in 1981 in California. It came to be one of the most successful metal rock bands in the music industry. They sold over 100 million albums worldwide; one of their most famous albums was “Master of Puppets” released in 1986.

Metallica logo, Metallica logo design

About Metallica’s Logo

Metallica has a simple logo that defines their brand quite accurately. The M and the A are spiked which represents the sharp and jagged quality of their music. Most bands prefer keeping a black and white or gray color theme for their logo. Overall it has a rather simple yet raw look to it and has become a widely recognized band logo.

5. Aerosmith

Formed in Boston, Aerosmith is one of the most cherished rock bands of all time. Aerosmith has reached amazing accomplishments including 150 million albums sold worldwide, winners of four Grammy Awards and ten MTV Video Music Awards. Aerosmith was even honored in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

aerosmith logo, aerosmith logo design

About Aerosmith’s Logo

The Aerosmith logo is a little complicated if we consider design rules. However, being a band’s visual identity it has a distinctive aura of rock and roll. The wings signify freedom and wild music which is the central theme of Aerosmith’s musical creations. The band’s name is stated in psychedelic art. Throughout time their logo also a preferred tattoo choice by many.

There are many other great names that can be included in this list, but this is all for today. We will bring you more music logos in the future.  Let us know what you thought of today’s post!

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  1. Bon Jovi’s logo is not at all memorable, and it’s not even that good.

    How about KISS, AC/DC and The Rolling Stones? If we look outside the rock band genre, I think even Run DMC and Daft Punk’s logos could deserve a mention.

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