10 Festive Fonts to Embellish Your Holiday Season Designs

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No matter how extensive your campaign is, to make its supplementary marketing material you need typefaces to accompany other elements of design. Custom and themed fonts are used for print, electronic media and outdoor promotional activities during the holiday season.

While earlier the use of typefaces was limited to making the written content stand out, today typeface plays a much more important role in graphic design. Since the inception of the art of typography, typefaces have the power to replace images. Realizing this, designers and marketers want branding stationery to be created with carefully chosen fonts.

Thus, design companies and individuals are increasingly and continuously making new typefaces to cater to this demand. Some charge for their creations while many typefaces are free for everyone from repositories like 1001freefonts, Dafont, Fontspace, and Fontsquirrel etc. These online platforms offer thousands of options of best holiday fonts to choose from and download.

Starting from the end of October until January, New Year – marketers and designers are occupied with their task to promote brands, products and services. They make themed print, electronic and outdoor marketing material.
For this reason, designers need to have a sharp understanding of all aspects of design. Typeface is one chunk of any design that is essential; and represents textual information. Typeface is also used to create background textures by using overlapping and transparency tools in design programs. Also, type can be used to symbolize an object.

Selecting the Perfect Festive Font

Fonts of all kinds are easily available for you, but do these choices help you or confuse you? Sometimes it’s a blessing that you can find innumerable free or paid typefaces. However it’s a drag to choose from so many options unless you’re sure about the characteristics of your “perfect” font.

There are many factors that affect your typeface choice, which are:

The Mood

You need to first recognize the emotions you intend to derive from your creation. Do you want people to cry or laugh, feel empathetic or angry? For the holiday season, however, you would most probably want to evoke happiness in people.

There are several fonts that reflect positive feelings and Chiller is definitely not one of them. Perhaps a cursive smooth or minimal thin font will work. If you’re a newbie, then don’t be overwhelmed because it takes time and practice for anyone to spot the right font.

The Theme

Another selection method is to choose fonts that directly reflect a particular theme. For the holiday season, you should pick a typeface that best mirrors the occasion. While doing this, don’t shove the brand in your backyard. For example, if you are a luxury brand and you are making a magazine ad during Christmas, don’t use a candy cane font; instead use something that creates visual harmony by incorporating both facets: your brand and the celebration.

There are fonts specially made for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas etc. If you like, you can decide from such categories, but make sure that the brand’s image is not being jeopardized, and the font hasn’t been overused.

The Style

A typeface is of different styles, such as transitional, neoclassical, slab, glyphic, humanistic, geometric, calligraphic, graffiti, and many more unconventional ones like fun, quirky, teenager, and playful etc.

The style of your preferred font is often based on the theme and the mood. These criterion are linked and together they help you pick your desired party font.

Freedom with Fonts

You can use suggestive fonts to resonate festivity, and during the holiday season you can step out of the box and innovate. Nowadays, there’s no rule whatsoever as long as your choice is meaningful. For your convenience, we’ve listed these festival fonts to get you started.

Check them out to enrich your designs.


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