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How to Find Your Motivation

Graphic design can be hectic and grueling, particularly for freelancers since they are usually involved in multiple design projects at once. Stress can become intense and could impact their creativity and their motivation as well. This can cause trouble for the designer. I’ve got a few tricks to help you find your motivation .

Step Away From Work

The first thing to do is to simply step back from what is causing your lack of motivation. In most cases, that thing is work. Of course, a vacation may not be affordable but if you can spare a day or two away to recharge can be effective. Take that time to do things you love, like a hobby or visit with friends. This can help to remove any negative energy and revitalize you.

Listen To Music

We all have thousands of songs on our Smartphones and computers, music is a great way to reduce stress, relax and boost motivation. If things get stressful, take a few minutes and crank up your favorite playlist. Or better yet, listen to upbeat music while working. Either will definitely give you an energy boost.

Visit A Gallery

Art galleries are great way to gain motivation and inspiration. Graphic designers are very artistic and sometimes revisiting old school art galleries will help you out of a rough patch. Check out any art exhibitions going on in your local area and visit them or attend art festivals. There is typically always something going on nearby.

Live A Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy body helps maintain a healthy mind. This means eat healthy, participate in fun activities and get plenty of sleep. As a designer, I can’t stress the importance of sleep. If you are not getting plenty of rest (suggested 6-8 hours), you will not be able to perform at your best.

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Read A Book

Those who enjoy reading find it very relaxing. Find a book that suits your taste. If you’re not sure what you’d like, visit a local book store and browse through the selection. You might even find something interesting that you could help you with your next design project.

Take A Vacation

It’s the same as stepping away from work, but this one lasts a little longer. If a long weekend isn’t enough for you, consider a longer vacation to completely take your mind of things. When you come back, you will be fully refreshed and ready to get back to work.

Finding motivation is not as hard as it might seem. As a general precaution, graphic designers should take a break after finishing a few projects. If you have extra time for yourself, by all means do it. It’s a good way to keep your brain fresh and thinking creatively.

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