Dconstruct – Imagining the Future of Interaction Design

Dconstruct – Imagining the Future of Interaction Design

As we take a leap forward towards the modern future, technology doesn’t seem to be a challenge. The world is catching up with that. However, creative imagination and the execution of innovative ideas is an even bigger challenge that we should focus on. The innovators of today wonder how the post-IOT era would look like? Imagine a time when everything will turn into an interface and we will have the power to magically control the physical realm. Sounds fascinating, doesn’t it? That’s exactly how it’s going to be.

Truth be told, that future of interaction design is not too distant. We have just caught a glimpse of how internet of things is speeding itself into our lives, but it’s just a matter of time before the design solutions of today are rendered ineffective because of this latent technology. There is so much more yet to be explored. As of today, we know of brands and tech innovators who introduced IOT-based products and services. However, there is much room for improvement when it comes to user interface design. The big question is, “Are designers primed to keep up?

The honest answer is no! Mostly because they haven’t seen the future the way it’s going to be. Well here’s your chance witness future from the perspective of creative visionaries. Join them in a one-day event on 11th September presented by Clearleft, a user experience design consultancy based in Brighton, UK. It will focus on this year’s theme “Designing the future”. You will enjoy an interesting line-up of presentations that will give you an unorthodox view of the future. Get your tickets now.

1. Building the future with science fiction

The future is going to bring to life the science fiction of today. We have seen robots walking, talking and dancing in sci fi movies but they will soon be a reality and the children of the future would be best buds with them. Join the event and see how Brain David Johnson introduces the design possibilities for future. Also join him on twitter @IntelFuturist

2. A brief history of tomorrow

Imagination has a lot to do with reality. The way we perceived the future as kids will influence the design ideas of the future. This is perhaps just a notion hard to ignore. In the presentation that commences under the title “A brief history of tomorrow”, the presenter will highlight the popular ideas from the past and how the present is different from what it was imagined. Truth be told, the future is never exactly the way it is predicted.


3. Metadesign for Murph

Whether we’re designers or clients, peers or parents, we need to focus our attention on Metadesign; “nurturing the emergence of the previously unthinkable” in those around us, and those who will come after us. It’s about ideas and environments, books and blocks, objects and systems, all examined through the contents and context of the most intriguing bedroom in sci-fi. John Willshire will present the idea by breaking our mind barriers.


4. Magical UX and the internet of things

Ah.. That would be my personal favorite topic on the list. This presentation is expected to make your imaginations run wild because it will cover how effective UX designs can tame technology. Plus, the presentation would cover how internet of things can create user friendly physical interfaces for digital systems and about giving them extra-ordinary abilities. Let’s see what Josh Clark will create a connection between magical UX and internet of things.


5. Gorgeous Catastrophic

Do you know that the design in sci fi and the real world have connections? However, the ideas from the fictional world cannot be implemented in exactly the same way or it can create some major usability issues. Chris Noessel will deconstruct some examples that will scrutinize those imaginary and good looking interfaces that lack functionality.


6. The future Mundane

Whenever a picture from the future is casted, it is vibrant, lively and full of possibilities without any technical difficulties. The big question is whether technology will make our lives simpler or complicate it further. Nick Foster will make you imagine a future with spacecraft and self-driving vehicles but it will not be free of common life problems that we face today. He will focus on experimentation with format and delivery to create a more tangible and achievable future.

7. Designing the future through tangible storytelling

A possible future that lacks human element will most likely get rejected by masses. We know for a fact that storytelling makes information more comprehendible. Carla Diana will share methods and strategies for new product visions based on vivid storytelling and tangible model making, looking at techniques such as scenario storyboarding, video narratives and vision imagery.


8. How to survive a time travel paradox

Time travel is fantasy but every fantasy has roots in reality. While there are a wide variety of types of time travel stories, the narrative Ingrid has been thinking about the most is the one in which someone from the future (or, depending on how you think about time travel paradoxes, a future) comes to the past and intervenes to rewrite their present.


9. The City of Things

When we imagine the future, we believe that the future would also change the look and architecture of cities. That transformation is slow. This presentation would cover the changes in things bigger than a mobile phone but smaller than a building. Now this will cover everything from the design of tech, wearables, to street signs and boards. The idea is to explore a new practice of city making that will emerge from intersection and service design and how this will change the landscape of design, technology and cities.


10. Up for Grabs

This will be a closing address that will emphasize that the future has to be different and that calls for a rigorous change in our current thought process. Mark Stevenson worked with different organizations where he made them identify their roles in creating a better future.

Stay tuned to @logodesignguru for more updates on the event.

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