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Scientific and technological advancements have complicated web applications and websites. With progressive changes in all industries, it is necessary for companies to create rich and interactive platforms. Financial institutions, responsible as they are for massive monetary transactions, in particular need to provide effective and pleasant user experiences. Therefore, a rapid increase in the use of computer systems over the past two decades became a cause of concern for designers. It was seen that for consumers to be truly satisfied with a brand, user experience needs to be enhanced.

User experience (UX) refers to consumers’ feelings while interacting with a system. It can be a human-computer interaction (HCI) or it can be interfacing with a website, web application, and even a software. It is important to understand that the user experience almost wholly depends on how users perceive a brand’s value for themselves. This value is based on the ease of use of an interaction platform and how enjoyable a user finds it to be.  A complete user experience comprises of the following:

  1. Usability
  2. Design
  3. Accessibility
  4. HCI
  5. Utility
  6. Human factors
  7. Ergonomics
  8. System performance
  9. Marketing

Dr. Donald Norman coined the term ‘user experience’ to explain that designs should cater to the wants and needs of the users. As it is in the modern times, strong emphasis is laid upon user-centered designs. Therefore, it is crucial for companies to conduct thorough research into their audiences. If the audience is well-defined and exhaustively understood, then the creation of a gratifying design is not difficult.

Since financial institutions are now operating through the web, they need to present themselves as a brand. Users are constantly interacting through their financial services platforms. To retain them as customers it is important to have a design that is easy to use, interactive, enjoyable, and maintains their trust. It is necessary for financial companies to have their presence known online through their own websites and web applications, and also through social media platforms.

UX designers can help financial institutions achieve this goal. It requires in-depth research and analysis of the organizations beliefs, ethics and principles of work, the quality of product or service, and the target audience to creatively produce a rewarding and interactive design. Let’s see this video to learn what you need to do to create a unique and interactive user experience for your financial clients.

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