Designers’ Take: Good and Bad Design Ideas in 2014

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Earning a degree doesn’t make you a designer. Designers are born and the made known when they display mind-boggling natural creativity. Names like Milton Glaser, David Carson, Paula Scher, and Massimo Vignelli are some legends in the industry that can take your brand to another level. Yet, there are some so-called ‘artists’ that you need to avoid because they’ll do nothing to boost your brand image. Let’s dig deep into the good and bad design ideas.

I thought it would be a good idea to look at some of the best and worst design ideas by contemporary designers. Before I break the really bad news, here are a few brands that knew what they were doing and came out winners.

The Good

1. The Perfect Logo

The logo is perhaps your brand’s most important asset. Companies like Absolut Vodka have managed to impress by redesigning their logo to perfection.

The Perfect Logo

The earlier logo focused on where the Vodka was coming from. Whereas, the new logo design by Brand Union follows the flat design style.


When asked about the new logo, Global director of Design Strategy at Absolut, Anna Kamjou, said: “The brand has become so iconic that we no longer needed the full three-line logo to convey ourselves.”

Another great #Absolut #packaging #redesign for their flavour collection
— The Big Picture (@TBPresearch) August 21, 2013

The Takeaway: Keep your logo as minimalistic as possible and recognize the current need of the audience.

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2. The Indispensable Website

A fully responsive and interactive website is no longer a luxury but a necessity. FC Barcelona’s pact with Nike bloomed into a spectacular relationship when their new webstore was introduced. Not only is this website highly responsive on every gadget, but its unique, personalized shopping experience makes you want to come back for more.

FCB Mega Store
The Takeaway: Impress the viewer as soon as he vists your homepage and show off the best products you have to offer.

3. The Personlized Marketing

Emotional marketing and advertising is the only way you are going to get connected with your customers. Multi-billion dollar brands like Coke and Nutella have taken their marketing campagins to the next level and are now offering personalized jars/bottles. Though, this trend was originaly started by Coke, Nutella fans are also loving the idea.


“The #shareacoke hashtag and campaign-specific Web site are smart content marketing plays, but the offline act of sharing Coke prompts many consumers to talk about the campaign through digital channels as well,” said Rick Miller, Networked Insights’ vice president of strategic insights.


The Takeaway: Create a relationsip with each customer and build an emotional connection to capture their attention.

The Bad and Unbelievably Ugly

1. The Highly Inappropriate Logo

Inappropriate is the only word which can be used to define the new Airbnb logo design by Design Studio. Though this company has managed to grow at an alarming rate, their most recent redesign (which looks like female genitals) has received a lot of backlash. Take a look for yourself and join the uproar.

Airbnb Logo

The Takeaway: The best thing to do when you are thinking of rebranding or redesigning a logo is to first test it on focus groups.

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2. The Case of an Unresponsive Website

Anyone in the field of SEO would easily recognize MOZ as one of the best platform to learn inbound marketing. It’s a software and guide that covers everything from advice on search engine optimization to social media rules. MOZ makes web marketing easier for all, yet, its own website lacks the essential responsive structure that would be compatible with just about any device for a learner.

The Case of an Unresponsive Website

You can see that the website needs zooming in for clarity and convenience of viewing text on smaller devices.

The Takeaway: Always, always, always remember that your website needs to be compatible with all browsers and fully responsive so it can work on a variety of gadgets.

3. The Cliché Marketing Campaign

Everybody did their part in supporting and promoting the Winter Olympics. Brands like PnG and Nike went out of the way to market the games but McDonalds obviously thought it wasn’t worth their time. Though they did advertise, their idea of you supporting the winners by biting into their product wasn’t well-received.


The Takeaway: Find out what your customers are interested in and what everyone is talking about to create a truly connected relationship.

There’s something to be learned in all of these design and marketing ideas. Good graphic designers who know about the understand that branding and design go hand in hand and if you mess one up, the other automatically goes down.

It doesn’t matter if you are a designer, an entrepreneur or a seasoned business owner because these ideas will help you go a long way.

A philanthropist by nature, Shyrose Vastani is professionally working as a digital media marketer and visual design blogger. She is a visual media enthusiast with keen interests in research, business trends and graphic design. With a background in psychology, she is passionate about learning and sharing knowledge about visual media and its impact on consumer behavior and people in general.

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