#GuruChats – The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Side Of Logo Redesign

The logo speaks for your brand when you aren’t around to do the talking. Hence the good, the bad and the ugly side of a logo is determined by how people perceive it. While we know from experience that first impressions matter, it’s never the end of the world. Criticism of a redesigned logo doesn’t have much to do with brand acceptance. But in today’s world, a logo redesign gone wrong is a real disaster and certainly puts a brand at risk. Also a brand that does not go for a redesign for too long runs the risk of getting swamped by competitors. To remain in the consumer minds’ active set, a logo redesign or change in packaging design presents a refreshed brand image.

Logo redesign was the focus of #GuruChats this time, and we were joined by guests and participants who shared some exciting answers, valuable insights and their own views on recent logo redesigns.

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What are the qualities of an ace logo?

An Ace logo design has to:

  • Convey brand personality
  • Carry visual clarity
  • Speak for the brand
  • Be distinctive yet memorable
  • Stand the test of time

These were the major qualities that were described as winning attributes for a logo redesign. What qualities are you reminded of with the mention of an ace logo?

Give an example good, bad and ugly logo, state reasons for your choice.

When the audience are able to relate to a logo design, or understand the brand message it communicates, they are likely going to accept as a good logo. In fact, any logo redesign that lacks visual clarity from the previous design falls into the category of bad and or ugly logo. Let’s find out what guruchatters have to say about this.

Why should you redesign your logo?

Your company logo must have been great when it was designed, but now looks outdated. A redesign keeps the brand from feeling stale or out of touch. Sometimes a redesign does not call for a total overhaul but minor changes to improve the font can account for visual clarity of a logo. Let’s find out more reasons to redesign a logo.

How soon is too soon to redesign your brand logo?

Every year, several significant brands spend thousands of dollars on redesigning their logos. It is indeed a hectic process and cannot be done frequently. However, some brands adopt a strategy to make subtle changes over a period of time instead of going for a shocking overhaul at once. While there is no time limit for a brand to redesign its logo, most designers and marketers believe it should not be frequent, unnecessary and out of place.

When your redesigned logo does not get the acceptance you aimed for, what do you do?

Chunk it out of the window and then start fresh or go back to the old logo? A tough call for the decision makers. A brand that reverts to its old logo appears to succumb to criticism but gains the applause and trust of its customers. In the opposite scenario, staying with the unaccepted logo makes them appear confident but they are at risk of losing customer trust.

How can brands test their redesigned logo before launching?


Very often, you have several logos and want some input to help make the final choice. A logo testing survey can give you valuable input from your target market. Generally the reactions or feedback could be more specific and technical when given by a professional designer or perhaps comprising of random adjectives when coming from the audience or user. Let’s find out how brands can get feedback for their redesigned logo before launching.

Is it wise to stick with your old logo style? Or follow current design trends?

When certain design trends become accepted, they contribute to design evolution. Minimalism was a trend but now it seems it’s here to last. Now brands can pick trends for logo redesign only to find they get trumped. It’s certainly a risky gamble. Let’s see what our participants had to say on the matter.

Should you hire an outside agency or redesign the logo in-house?

Depending on the resources you have available, you may choose to design logo in-house or find a design agency externally. But there are more reasons for this decision, let’s take a look.

What advice would you give to brands undergoing a logo redesign?

Logo redesign can also be a nerve-wracking, emotionally-charged experience due to the potentially subjective nature of agreeing to the best logo. Luckily you can put some science behind the art of creating a logo. Let’s get some advice from the pros.

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