A Walk Down Memory Lane: Google’s Gobble Appeal

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With Thanksgiving just around the corner the question many brand corporations have is: “Should the corporate logo be altered to appeal to the ‘turkey driven’ audience?”

To gobble or not to gobble?

The fact is most corporations are quite protective about their logos and altering them to insert ‘holiday’ appeal can become a fiasco in many ways. However, Google has no hesitancy in using the various holidays to enhance its logo appeal. The greatest advantage it has, is that their logo is so simple in design that adding ‘appendages’ is no hardship. When you redesign your logo for different seasons, it makes the company more personable and allows the audience to feel that they are ‘connecting’ at more than a commercial level.

When we, as the audience are in a mood to celebrate Thanksgiving and we see stores, corporations and other service related businesses accommodate our mood through changing their logo we see that as a reflection of our own life.

Google Gobble’s itself!

Understanding the innovative nature of Google and its branding and marketing strategy, it becomes easier to understand why the company is willing to alter its logo in a way that invites laughter. Google is not afraid to laugh at itself nor is it afraid to enhance its image for a global appeal.

Since 1998, Google has been altering its logo to appeal to ‘different’ nations as per their holidays and below we jump through the continents and years as Google creates some awesome thanksgiving logos.

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In the Beginning there was USA…

When Google started out its reach was limited mainly to the US and most of the people viewing the logo and/or using the search engine were limited to this country.

Thanksgiving Logo 1998:

Thanksgiving Logo 1998

Image Source: google.com

Thanksgiving Logo 1999:

Thanksgiving Logo 1999

Image Source: google.com

 Thanksgiving Logo 2000:

Thanksgiving Logo 2000

Image Source: google.com

 Google Gobbles Goes to Canada

As the year 2000 came to an end Google had become a global name as was well on its way to become the father of all search engines. Yahoo! must have been tearing its hair out at this lost golden opportunity having failed to realize the impact this one small company would make on the world. If the Google 2000 thanksgiving logo was viewed only in the US, the 2001 logo made up for this limitation as Google finally went to Canada.

2001 Logo for Thanksgiving:

2001 Canadian Thanksgiving Logo

Image Source: google.com

 2002 Canadian Thanksgiving:

2002 Canadian Thanksgiving Logo

Image Source: google.com

 Canadian Logo 2003:

2003 Canadian Thanksgiving Logo

Image Source: google.com

 Canadian Thanksgiving 2004:

2004 Canadian Thanksgiving Logo

Image Source: google.com

 Gobbling in Korea?

They may not celebrate Thanksgiving in November, but did you even know that Koreans have their own version of Thanksgiving that they celebrate in September? Google knew. In 2003 the first Korean Thanksgiving Logo was created and the rest as they say is history…

Korean Thanksgiving 2003

2003 Korean Thanksgiving Logo

Image Source: google.com

 Korean Thanksgiving 2010

2010 Korean Thanksgiving Logo

Image Source: google.com

 Korean Thanksgiving 2011

2011 Korean Thanksgiving Logo

Image Source: google.com

 Thanksgiving Day 2013 Korea

2013 Korean Thanksgiving Logo

Image Source: google.com

 Sadly-Google’s Gobbles become less creative

The versatile nature of Google and its logo is legendary. However, I will say that down the years the Thanksgiving logo has become more ‘graphic’ and less creative. The logo graphics since 2012 have steadily become simple images ‘put’ into the logo rather than having a graphic designer actually altering the logo to create a design worthwhile.

A lot of the audience waits with anticipation to see what the creative brains in the Google team will create every season-sad to say the past few years have been disappointing. What do you think?

Thanksgiving Logo 2012

Image Source: google.com

 Thanksgiving Logo 2013


Image Source: google.com

 Korean Thanksgiving Day Logo 2014

Image Source: google.com

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