5 Questions to Ask Before Entering a Graphic Design Project

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As a general rule of thumb, a good graphic designer should ask as many logical questions as possible about a particular online design project. The more they know beforehand, the better off they will be in producing a concept that the client will appreciate.

The very first step is to seek answers by gathering information. An elegantly laid out design brief will take care of most of these questions. However, designers should always keep their creative trait active and inquire about subjects that may or may not be covered by the client in the project brief.

In this post, we will highlight the questions that designers should ask before entering a design project. The answers to these questions will determine the direction of your design, while broadening your knowledge arsenal.

1. Who Is the Target Audience?

Aside from design specs, having a thorough understanding of the target audience can help a designer greatly. It could give them an idea of what color schemes to utilize in their drafts (unless already specified by the client). A younger audience will respond to bright colors whereas, an older, more mature audience might be keen on sober color schemes. The target audience can greatly impact the style, content and theme of the online design contest. Therefore, it is extremely important to identify who the audience is.

2. What is the Message?

Graphic design is an art and every piece of art carries a specific message. It is absolutely imperative to know beforehand what that message should be. The message can be very simple and straight forward, from celebrating a milestone to creating a powerful brand image. The way the message is delivered is also important. Clients are likely to tell you what they want to communicate through their design. In case they haven’t, do contact them and ask about the message and feel the design should portray.

3. Are there any other Design Specifications?

Every design project will have a design brief, but sometimes it will not have everything you need and that’s normal. A good designer will take the initiative to ask questions based upon the information provided in the contest brief. For example: If it is a logo design project, a few important areas to inquire about would be:

  • Background color to use.
  • Color schemes for the logo.
  • Tagline to go with the logo.
  • Specific symbol or image to use.
  • Symbols or images to avoid.
  • Simple design or abstract?
  • Are there any other special considerations?

4. What is the Client’s Competition?

If the client doesn’t mention their competition, there is no harm in asking about it. Looking at the competitive companies’ designs will give you an edge and help you understand the client’s business better. This way you will know what your client is up against and will be able to create a design that will stand apart from any competition.

5. Are there any Specific Instructions?

It is always helpful to get a sense of creative direction from the client themselves. Ask them about the features that they would like to see or how they want their design to be perceived. Some clients are keen on incorporating certain elements or attributes that symbolize their company, brand or product. Therefore, this particular information is extremely valuable.

If you are about to undertake a design project or are participating in an online design contest, these graphic design project questions mentioned should get the ball rolling. Bottom line, you should be aware of these things when starting a project. If the design brief does not provide you this information, then ask your client. The more you know, the more likely you are to produce something dazzling that the anticipating client will surely appreciate.

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